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Oregon Pinot Gris isn’t as sexy as other white wine varieties in Oregon, but…

…it is the work horse.

And, if Oregon is going to be known for more than being a one-hit wonder, something of substance has got to pull the wagon.

Last year, as I spoke with one of my sweetest winemaking friends ~ Robert Brittan ~ when telling him about the Oregon Pinot Gris symposium, he had to ask me, “Why Pinot Gris? There are so many more interesting white varieties grown in Oregon.”

I had to admit that he was right, if you want to get into the eclectic world, but I told him, “If we’re going to take Oregon to a new place, like not being known as a one-trick-pony, we’ve got to start with a grape variety already pulling its weight, both in tonnage and in already existing buzz.” Let’s just say, he showed up at the Symposium to be a presenter, and told me he’d support any effort that I’d put forth.

That’s the kind of understanding that was needed to pull off the fist Pinot Gris Symposium last June.

Now, I’m working on the next one, including getting this 2011 logo changed to 2012…

I’m lining up the the next one, called Oak Knoll Winery’s Second Annual Pinot Gris Symposium, and it’s laden with heavy hitting stars. I’m ready to burst with who’s who and what’s what, but am still grinding away at all the final details. The life of a wine publicist/organizer behind the scenes is so exciting that it’s worth beginning a buzz…

Yes, the symposium is coming back; it has a place in space that’s really important, and I have a list of people who have already asked if it’s coming back and to p-l-e-a-s-e not forget to send them details. No doubt, we’ll have another sell out.

The Oregon Wine Board has taken up the chant, by telling its attendees at the Oregon Winegrape Symposium this year that Oregon needs to have others know that they produce more than Pinot Noir. I take heart in knowing that this started with my client, Oak Knoll’s President Greg Lint, making this known to me, and having me get the word out. We’ve done a really good job, because it was a simple and true statement. What’s not to love with it?

So, next week, full details. Get ready, Oregon. Here we go again, better than ever.

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5 Responses to “Oregon Pinot Gris isn’t as sexy as other white wine varieties in Oregon, but…”

  1. I’m looking for the “like” button!

  2. Marlene Rossman says:

    Jo, I respectfully disagree. I adore Oregon Pinot Gris and although there are a couple of other white varieties made, none have the “sex appeal” of PG!

  3. Jo Diaz says:

    I adore PG, Marlene, too. It’s not as floral as a Gewurztraminer or as viscous tasting as a Riesling; but the tropical fruit flavors, which are more usual in a white, is where I was going with it.

  4. Roll on Oregon! I have tried EVOLUTION 13 N.V which I believe is a chardonnay & it was magic 🙂

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