Well, wasn’t yesterday fun? I saw it coming, but not completely.

Here’s my look at the 10 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US today, by category and not in any specific order:

  1. Charming ~ Alana Gentry ~ Girl With a Glass
  2. Endearing ~ Megan Kinney ~ Wannabe Wino
  3. Studious ~ Gwendolyn Alley ~ Wine Predator
  4. Influential ~ Pamela Heiligenthal ~ Enobytes
  5. Dedicated ~ Meg Houston Maker ~ Makers Table
  6. Refreshing ~ Alyssa Vitrano – Grapefriend
  7. Daring ~ Nannette Eaton ~ Wine Harlots
  8. Twisted (in a great way) ~ Thea Dwell ~ Luscious Lushes
  9. Joyous ~ Julie Brosterman ~ Women Wine
  10. Inspiration ~ Tina Caputo ~ Vineyard & Winery Management ~ Blogs when she can, she’s an editor, after all, like Jon Bonne above. ~ The Wine Broad’s Board

A couple of great guys really worth mentioning, to keep this somewhat in balance:

  1. Influential ~ Paul Gregutt (Yup, a guy, as I strive for a bit of balance) ~ PaulGregutt.com
  2. Endearing ~ William Allen, (aka Sonoma William) ~ Simple Hedonisms

I apologize for those of you whom I hold dear and you just didn’t pop into my head at this time. My next stream of consciousness could also include you. It’s just relative to right now, today.

There you go… they’re all connected to wine, in all lists (Paul Mabray’s and mine). I could also run the analytics on it all, but you go for it! Everyone has his or her own audiences, and life goes on.

Now… off to Mike Dunne.

I’m sure that many people have become aware that wine blogging has taken a turn into the professional realm of the wine writing world. If you are a wine writer, now you’ve figured out that you must be blogging, too. For many, that has to be a really tough call, especially if you’re self employed, like Dan Berger or Charlie Olken. Charlie told me that he was so excited to start blogging, and I told him to beware… it’s pretty addictive. Dan Berger, on the other hand, may never blog, because he organizes wine competitions and travels extensively. I doubt that he’ll ever have enough time.

But then, as a follow-up to Paul’s list, Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee, just wrote a story on his A Year in Wine blog that’s a takeoff from Paul Mabray’s Top 9 Wine Blogger list. (Yesterday I told you that people are talking, then along comes a story on the Web.) Mike and I have known each other professionally for years. Neither of us would have guessed 10 years ago that we’d be writing on the internet, just for the joy of it, but now we also share that. Besides his Sacramento Bee gig, now he can also write about his passions and observations without having anything cut or redirected by an editor. (It’s a grand freedom!)

And, Mike proves what I was writing about yesterday… A list is subjective to its author, and how the author chooses to gather that information; scientifically or artistically. Is one right and the other wrong? As the authors. From Mike Dunne…

The Best Wine Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of

As often happens, comments that follow a blog post can be more provocative and helpful than the original posting. Thus, thanks to Paul Mabray of Vintank, a Napa-based “digital think tank for the wine industry,” I’ve been introduced to several stimulating wine blogs. They are the spinoff of a list that Mabray posted a few days ago under the intriguing headline, “The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US.”

Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post cover ...

Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post cover featuring Rosie the Riveter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to my Top 10 List

A list is what you make of it, people; analytical, emotional, or otherwise. Perhaps, in the hullabaloo of what started out by Paul as honoring those whom he appreciates for what they’re contributing to the internet in a numbers algorithm, and now my giving you a list of whom I also treasure (including who’s on Paul’s list), you – like Mike Dunne – will discover some new jewels in the crown of the wine blogging world.

There’s nothing like an aggregator to lift someone’s content in its entirety, either. How many extra eyeballs have read the story on the site offered below, versus Paul’s story? One can only wonder…

Look at the link below. It WON’T take you to Paul’s site, but it WILL take you to the entire story, along with his image. How can anyone measure any real numbers?

Well, that’s the subject of another topic… How Top 10 Are You Really, Based On Numbers We Can’t Measure?

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