When I began to do wine PR, I was lucky enough to read the Wine Institute’s guide. Where would I have been without that guide in the beginning as I segued from Rock n’Roll radio PR? I just don’t know.

Anyone getting into wine PR, even if they’ve done PR for another industry (as I did), is well served to get to a PR pro in that industry, and either read the “book” on it, or get some expert advice. I know when I now work with cross promotions and agencies outside of wine PR, they’ve got lots to learn, and I’ve got a lot to teach.

I don’t know if that Wine Institute book still exists… It was perfect for what I needed, but I do know of one that will help any aspiring wine publicist, coming from wine colleagues/friends Paul Franson and Harvey Posert. Both are so willing to help other publicists, and they’ve laid it all out in their “Spinning the Bottle” And “Spinning the Bottle Again.”

But, this isn’t their first printing, so, there’s a bit of a name update…

Paul Franson and Harvey Posert have introduced Spinning the Bottle Again: More strategies, tactics and case studies of wine public relations, a heavily updated and revised version of the seminal how-to book on wine public relations Spinning the Bottle.

Spinning the Bottle Again is a collection of theory, practical information and case studies about promoting wine, wineries and wine-related issues.

The new book contains almost 25 new chapters covering such subjects as:

  • Fundamentals of public relations
    • Wine Corporate, Marketing and Communications Strategy
    • New Perspectives on Marketing Research
    • Wine Events: Great PR or a Big Waste of Cash?
    • Cause-Related Marketing in the Wine Industry
    • Making the Most of Association Memberships
  • The New Public Relations
    • Social Media and Wine PR
    • Marketing to Millennials
    • The Publicist and the Wine Blogger
    • How to Get Results from Virtual Wine Tastings
    • Tweeting Bordeaux
  • Case Studies of Wine Public Relations
    • Building a Brand, Creating a Category (Prosecco)
    • A Case Study From Beringer Vineyards
    • Hanzell Vineyards Overcomes Problems with TCA
    • Wine Public Relations Today
    • Promoting Mendocino County’s Wines
    • Community Outreach “Napa Valley Vintners’ Style”
    • Establishing Leadership for Antinori in America
    • Sonoma Valley Auction and Wine Weekend
  • The PR Business
    • Engaging & Managing Agencies

These chapters are in addition to another two dozen useful chapters from the original book, and many have been updated. In all, almost 50 experts tell how to conduct effective public relations campaigns with examples of their programs they’ve accomplished. The book is a must-read for anyone involved in helping to market wine. It’s relevant to the student of wine and marketing, the seasoned exec or owner, and a source of ideas for PR pros.

Both print and electronic versions are available.

I highly recommend that you read Spinning the Bottle Again if you’re just starting out, if it’s time to brush up your skills, or if you’re curious to see how Paul and Harvey have – again – spun their bottle.

Two pros delivering the goods…

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