I’m all about food and wine, because that’s mostly how I view enjoying it. That said, there’s nothing like a glass at the end of the day as I prepare food to go with my wine, either. I’m a strong believer in a glass a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you don’t have any fresh apples in the house.

I don’t eat apples out of season, unless it’s applesauce with a great pork dish, or dried apples for a snack. I’ve read about the gaseous compound called 1-MCP that’s helping prolong the fruit’s quality and crispness. Yes, it’s a natural element; however, do I really want to eat an apple in July that was picked last September? I prefer to eat seasonally, as much as possible, and organic at that, with right off the tree the best of all worlds.

My attention was recently brought to a wine retailer’s Website, and I decided to explore it. There are so many Websites offering wine these days. It’s pretty amazing to sit here, writing and remembering the days when there was no wine for sale on the Web… Hey… there was no Web. People would just call the winery and ask to buy wine, so forms were eventually created to make the sales team’s lives easier. A lot of faxing happened back and forth, and orders were filled, then shipped.

Once the Internet and Websites began, and people finally figured out the Web could be a cost center, the method was to download and print a PDF order form (how many people did I have to teach how to even open a PDF and then print it…) and fax it back to the winery.  When the first online retailer happened, wineries balked at such efforts. Boy, have things changed and I have to laugh, as I’ve laughed each step along the way. I’m always out on the fringe, because I’ve been given a gift to see innovation for what it is… Likethe future, and I’m either innovating or an early adopter of many things.

So, an Email from Tesco Wine came in, and I decided to spend time exploring this on-line retail outlet. I made the time to see where things are at these days. with this site, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m very impressed that they produce an online wine magazine. This is a huge undertaking and commitment from this company, with offerings like:

  • Perfect Dinner Party Dozen
  • Southern Hemisphere Reds
  • Chardonnay Showcase

Really cool is that this online magazine includes videos… One I never saw coming and love the educational aspects of a sales site educating their customers… It’s not just about hard sales.

  • Tesco Wine Fairs
  • Picpoul De Pinet

What I really appreciate about this site are the aspects of Food & Wine. They not only sell, but they also advise you on what will go with their wines. Broken down into categories of Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Fish, and Curry (yes, curry as an option), each link, like Lamb, for instance, has six different wines that they’ve determined will work with dishes that include lamb. This certainly has an advantage for those wineries being featured. I can only wonder if they’ve turned that into an added value for their clients, or if it’s a cost advantage for the site. Regardless, it’s an amazing feature.

I decided to go digging around other retail sites to see if this is the norm or a possible trend setter in action.  This Website is a trend setter in action, after a half hour of going from one site to another. Yes, I spent a lot of time going from site to site, and came up with this conclusion, why wouldn’t all retail outlets have this to offer, just the way restaurants have a wine list and will happily (in many cases) tell you which wine would pair well with their dishes.

Tesco’s got a great retail site, that’s for sure.

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