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Who minds getting a little dusty when it’s Rutherford Dust?

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Is Rutherford, California, the center of the Universe? Some would have you think that way, and I’m afraid that I, too, love getting dusty over there.

I was just sent the link for the following video: Rutherford Dust Society Video. I have to say, I was very inspired. When an area is so geographically small, you can gather some pretty brilliant minds in one location, and get it on. That’s what they’ve done, and it’s really well scripted.

The Rutherford Dust Society, an organization of growers and vintners located in the historic heart of the Napa Valley, has created a video about the people, places and DUST of their appellation, and they shared it with me. I’m now sharing it with you.

The video includes the following dusty people:

  • Robin Baggett ~ Alpha Omega
  • Robert & Gretchen Lieff ~ Lieff Wines
  • Fredrik Johansson ~ Staglin Family Vineyard
  • Andy Beckstoffer ~ Beckstoffer Vineyards
  • Ted Edwards ~ Freemark Abbey
  • Jeffrey Stambor ~ Beaulieu Vineyards
  • Jean Hoefliger ~ Alpha Omega
  • Michael Honig ~ Honig Vineyard and Winery
  • John Williams ~ Frog’s Leap
  • Davie Piña ~ Piña Napa Valley
  • Ryan MacDonnell ~ Round Pond Estate

3 Responses to “Who minds getting a little dusty when it’s Rutherford Dust?”

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks for posting the video! I think it’s well done (both the writing and the filming), and I especially like the editing in the first part (everyone talking a portion of the intro commentary up until the first logo screenshot).

    Well done, Rutherford Dust Society.

  2. Angelo Monello says:

    This is all baloney. It is impossible to have great wines from flat alluvial fill valleys. The soils are not worth a damn. It defies viticultural knowledge gained from the centuries.

  3. Jo Diaz says:

    You’re entitled to your opinion, Angelo. And, thanks for commenting and sharing.

    It’s always all in the flavors, right? Which I’ve tasted and am very impressed. So have many others. The price of their baloney says that it’s more like a great fillet, however. They can spin all the dust around that they like. But, when push comes to shove, if all they’ve done is move dust from here to there, and there’s nothing left with any substance, they’d all be out of business. That’s not happening any time soon. the wines speak for themselves, the winemakers give them a voice, and it’s pretty dusty. Who in the wine world doesn’t admire André Tchelistcheff?

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