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That is a service that we don’t offer…

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“That is a service that we don’t offer,” was my recent response, inspired by Jose when I asked him, “Can you tell me why I’m asked to give away my high res photography for free all of the time?”

At least once or twice a week now I get E-Mails like this:

Or this one:

How hard is it to set a table, put the wine and a few glasses on the table, and have at it? Oh, don’t forget your dump bucket and water pitcher. I guess it was harder than I thought. Jose came up with the obvious… “Just give your designer the LINK. ” Dah….

People, as my mom used to say to me all the time… A word to the wise…

Whomever started the rumor that all photography on the Internet is free for the asking… like maybe Google?… Needs to revamp its thinking.

There are tons of sites that offer images for a price. When I can’t find an image that suits my writing, I purchase it.

THE OPTIONS: If you come across my images on this blog

  • I’ve either taken great pains to take them
  • I’ve paid someone else for their work
  • Or I give a photo credit for the work and give a link where it came from.

When people are asking me for high res images, that means they want my work for a publication for which they’ll have monetary gain, and I’m not a sucker, guys.

I respect other people’s work, and I’d say that’s the key. If my work is respected enough for someone to want to have it, then that person needs to consider me as a working partner. I’m for hire.

On my blog under Contact/Use:

Approximately 95 percent of the photography on my blog are images that I’ve personally taken.

Please don’t copy any of my intellectual property.

If you have a wine blog, and would like to use one of my images, please give me the following photo credit, and you do NOT have to contact me, as long as there is a photo credit. What to type:

PHOTO CREDIT: Wine Blog ~ Juicy Tales by Jo Diaz

I sell images for limited use, but not for complete copyright purposes.  Original copyright will always belong to Jo Diaz.

E-mail me for purchasing and transferring of the file(s).

Size Pixels (approx) File size (approx) Price
Extra Small 335 × 358 px 100 KB $7.50
Small 669 × 717 px 250 KB $15.00
Medium 1338 × 1435 px 1 MB $30.00
Large 2140 × 2297 px 2 MB $50.00
Extra Large 3744 × 4020 px 6 MB $100.00

Thank you.


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6 Responses to “That is a service that we don’t offer…”

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  2. Roger Paige says:

    I feel your pain Jo. Everyone loves the photos and wants them but when you tell them a price they’ll back away and say that they will get one of their staff to do it. Some other establishments will see if you’ll trade photographs for wine. I tell them that the wine can aid in forgetting my bills, but it won’t pay them.

    Here’s one of various spins I like to remember –

    A photographer was invited to dinner with friends and took along a few pictures to show the hostess. She looked at the photos and commented, “These are really impressive, you must have a wonderful camera.” He didn’t make any comment, and as he was leaving to go home he said, “That was a really delicious meal! You must have a great stove.”

  3. Jo Diaz says:

    LOL…That’s a good one. I’ll have to remember that. thanks for the empathy; which, of course, you also know too well.

    We’re all just trying to make a living out here.

  4. Randy Fong says:

    Intellectual property needs to be protected. If it isn’t there isn’t an incentive to create new and interesting things.

    You have every right to ask for a fee for your work.

  5. Jo Diaz says:

    I agree, Randy. How to create a society where nothing is respected is begin to give it all away for free.

    When newspapers began, they were for free, to get people interested… just the way the Web started. Advertisements and subscriptions soon followed.

    We’re at it again digitally.

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