I always like to think that I’m not going to be, but the reality has settled in this time.

  1. Day 1 ~ unpack the returning mess ~ while dealing with incoming emails
  2. Day 2 ~ accounting ~ while dealing with incoming emails
  3. Day 3 ~ taking inventory ~ while dealing with incoming emails
  4. Day 4 ~ put everything away (a.k.a., filing) ~ while dealing with incoming emails
  5. Day 5 ~ walk around aimlessly, while looking at birds and flowers ~ while NOT dealing with incoming emails
  6. Let’s not forget that I’ve probably worked the weekend, too, with all details above being finalized

Now, I’ve decided to just face the reality… At the end of putting on an event, there’s a week of undoing all the doings, and I’m just not my continuously harmonious me… I’m out of sorts and it takes a lot of time to put me back on track.

One person has asked me recently, “What’s up with you? Hope everything is good.” Another wrote, “Best wishes to you for a successful Petite Sirah event Friday Feb-17. I have a presentation for the annual Petite Sirah seminar in August. I’d like to present it to you next week and welcome your contact.”

I haven’t been able to answer either yet, because the timing was just off for writing a good enough answer. Both will take a lot of time, and I just don’t have it within me right now. When I had my two daughters helping me, I had a great support system in place in the office. Now, both of them have young babies, and I’m completely distracted in a way that isn’t even described above, but it’s really great.

I used to wonder how the people at the Tournament of Roses parade people functioned on the Monday after the parade. Now I know. They DON’T shut the office down, like I used to think they did… They’re unpacking, all the while thinking about what they can do the next year to make it more efficient, with a bit of growth thrown into the equation  for good measure… And dreaming about the fact that some day they’ll get a day off, but not for a while.

This year, I went on vacation BEFORE the event. Jose and I, my two daughters and sons-in-law, along with the two new babies all went to Puerto Rico in January. Leaving to go, I thought I was insane… leaving work behind. Now, I know it was the best trip away from here I’ve had in a very long time. Today, I’m going to leave you with some images from Puerto Rico. While there, I got into looking at the top of buildings and wanted to create a video called, “Topping It Off.” Now, I know how appropriate that is, because after an event of Dark & Delicious’s magnitude for us, I need to top it off with something totally unrelated; so I can move on, while still keeping my head in the clouds for the last few moments.

I’ll go process my images and put them into a quick YouTube video, while enjoying some Terrapin Cellars 2010- Oregon Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley... Something fun for your weekend dreaming.

A couple of hours later, here’s what I’ve come up with… Enjoy… May it top off your week, too.

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