In February, Wine Colleagues will be running “omnibus” surveys of their wine trade panel and our consumer panel. These surveys will allow several wineries or wine marketers to ask from one to four questions on a key issue or issues of interest. The cost will be significantly less than running a full trade or consumer survey.

From John Gillespie, the director of both consumer research and marketing practice and the strategic operations of Wine Opinions:

“We can include graphic images for label or package testing, and the questions can cover a whole range of marketing issues and challenges, including brand positioning, standing among competitors, concept and message testing, and more.”

Wine Opinions, a wine industry leading provider of quantitative and qualitative consumer and trade research in the US wine market,  is now offering omnibus surveys of its wine trade and consumer panels. This survey will allow wineries, wine marketers, and wine trade associations to have greater access to the market data they seek. Clients can insert one or more inquiries into either trade or consumer surveys to gain quick and efficient feedback on their marketing issues.

“Most of our research to date has been comprehensive surveys of multiple issues for a region or winery, or controlled tests of multiple variables such as label options,” noted Christian Miller, the Director of Research for Wine Opinions. “But we also get a lot of requests from companies seeking answers or tracking data on just one or two key questions, and the omnibus survey approach will allow them to do that.”

Clients will be able to insert their own questions into the omnibus surveys. The questions can be simple yes/no, multiple choice or matrix, attribute lists, rankings, or open-ended comment. Graphic elements (such as wine labels) can also be included. The consumer surveys will include segmentation by age, gender, state, wine consumption frequency, and frequency of wine purchase by price point. Trade survey segmentation includes trade tier (producer, importer, distributors, on-premise, off-premise) and state. Clients can also insert their own segmentation questions. Pricing for participation depends on the kind and number of questions inserted in the omnibus survey.

John Gillespie, the Founder and CEO of Wine Opinions, sees the new service as a natural extension of the capabilities of Wine Opinions. “Last year, we developed a unique qualitative research service called Vintrospectives that our clients are finding to be superior to live or online focus groups,” Gillespie said. “Now, with the omnibus surveys, we are offering wine marketers a very efficient way to gain highly targeted consumer and trade insights.” The omnibus surveys will be offered as the Wine Opinions client schedule permits. The first trade and consumer omnibus surveys are planned for February, 2012.

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