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Oregon is *Not* a One Trick Pony

I got a great E-Mail when I launched the Oregon Pinot Gris press release; which I sent by US mail, as well as over the Internet. Today, George Rose of J Wines and I are the only two people that I know who are left to do so… And, it still gets results, I’m happy to report.

  1. Being an independent person with an employer, hearing how you’re doing is a rarity, and much appreciated when it comes along.
    1. Clients expect a great job, and consultants just quietly deliver.
  2. This question is stellar and worth sharing.
    1. In fact, it inspired a Frequently Asked Questions section for the Oregon Pinot Gris site.
    2. Yes, this was the first time I was asked this one; however, it will come back again, given the nature of the question.

Here’s the question:

I got your Oregon Pinot Gris press release today. A brilliant statement! So well written. But it did lead to a question: What about California Pinot Gris/Grigio? Lots of it here, too. Are you cutting yourself off from those producers?

My answer:

Thanks for the kudos on the writing.

We have an Oregon client, and have learned that it’s the second largest grape crop in Oregon, following the obvious Pinot Noir. Our client (Oak Knoll Winery) is constantly challenged when he visits the national market. His name is Greg Lint, and he’s the president of Oak Knoll. When he makes presentations, all the buyers can think about is Oregon Pinot Noir. This is pretty frustrating, considering that they grow other grapes in Oregon and make other varietal wines. The thrust of this group is to focus on the fact that Oregon has more than one grape variety and they’d like to have buyers around the nation (commercial and consumers) get used to Oregon being more than a one trick pony.

In essence, it’s not about us (Diaz Communications), it’s about them; and now this small but very passionate group of producers are unified in one new voice. The response has been remarkable, and just as I knew it would be if we were to launch a new marketing effort.

 My statement about Oregon Pinot Gris:

Wine companies based in the state of Oregon, focusing on family-owned and farmed wineries which produce Pinot Gris, with plans to inform both traditional and social media that there is uniqueness to Oregon Pinot Gris; it’s world class and it’s stunning. Our portfolio reflects passion for winemaking traditions, and a desire to introduce this second largest grape crop in Oregon to wine enthusiasts throughout the United States.

Most of our Pinot Gris producers make a fairly small amount of wine. We cultivate the vines ourselves, and we have a respectful commitment to sustainability and minimal intervention. Our winemakers nurture the juice from vine to bottling. We’re enthusiastic about introducing Oregon Pinot Gris to the U.S. wine media in ways that they’ve yet to realize.

 Our lineup:

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  1. Kate says:

    I think it’s great that the wine is produced in smaller amounts, this for me means that it’s better.

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