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Mounts Family Winery is one of those micro wineries in Dry Creek Valley, borne from third generation wine grape grower David Mounts. Both his father (Richard Mounts) and David have college degrees. With David, it’s from prestigious UC Davis. And after that training and education, David wasn’t going to be satisfied by only growing grapes, as his father and grandfather have so enjoyed. He wanted, nay ~ needed,  to taste the potential of his grapes, when managed with his own techniques.

Not going overboard, and just producing small case lots, in 2005, David and his wife Lana decided to go into production. They both love “good wine,” and decided it was about time. In the family’s 100-year old barn, with some structural updates, improvements were made to allow for a “winery.” With the blessings of his parents, David began his  winemaking career.

Critical acclaim came right away, because he had a vision, education, and the skill.

It’s his equipment that’s worth noting, because it is so small as compared to some of the big guys, to whom the Mounts are selling fruit, by the way.

Checking out this production is very important, because it demonstrates ingenuity and inventiveness, when passion is put to use.


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