In our video series, winemaker Steve Hall of Robert Biale Vineyards talks with host Jose Diaz, about Steve’s winemaking styles, the 2009 vintage and his own tasting notes. Textural nuances of Petite Sirah add aromas representative of St. Helena. He describes the style of Robert Biale, with two separate ideas of producing his wines. He doesn’t compare, he just explains what his techniques bring to the flavors of the Robert Biale profile.

Not only is The Old Kraft Zin discussed, but he also talks about their Royal Punisher Petite Sirah.

Imagine playing Scrabble, and you’ve got the letters for Syrah and Peloursin. How could you scramble those letters to come up with other words? Marketing genius/owner Dave Pramuk did just that, and Royal Punisher was the result.

Steve talks about his art of blending, vintage to vintage, and creating his perfect profiles with his wines for Robert Biale. Nurturing his vineyards and the relationships that go with that, that’s what it’s all about for Steve Hall.

Casual wine cellar talk, tasting notes from the man himself… including Dark & Delicious for Petite Sirah (thanks for the mention, Steve), this is another great video for Jose and my winemaker series, intended to inform and entertain wine affectionados. Enjoy!

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