From Gabriella Opaz (of via Email about the EWBC:

As you may have seen on our Live stream, we are currently in our “not-so-secret….secret-location” announcing the location of the EWBC 2012 conference in Izmir, Turkey. We are extremely excited for the 2012 event, especially considering that our gracious host sponsor, Wines of Turkey, has been incredible in ensuring that next year’s conference is as fabulous as your imagination can conjure.

Hence, the big question, how do I register? ~ MASSIVE ALUMNI DISCOUNT!!

This year, we have changed our ticketing policy as “blogger” has become an limiting term. Instead of having 2 tickets for bloggers and non-bloggers, we’ll provide alumni with a 40 percent discount code to enter upon registration.

This code is good through February 1, 2012.

For more information about the event, and to register, please come to our NEW European Wine Bloggers Conference site: EWBC 2012

For the Alumni promo code, please contact Gabriella, Robert, and/or Ryan.

Top 10 Reasons why I’d go, if I could:

  1. The EWBC is really well organized.
  2. The level of the speakers is top notch.
  3. Eastern Europe is where wine has its originating seeds.
  4. Who wouldn’t want to check out ancient history along with wine?
  5. Who wouldn’t want to be evaluating Turkish wines of today, having some understanding of other wines of the world?
  6. I’m imaging the photo ops.
  7. It would be great to see some old friends from 2009’s EWBC; and share the six years of blogging successes I’ve enjoyed, from an American wine blogger’s perspective.
  8. I can only imagine the great blog stories I’d be writing after, for months to come.
  9. I need another worldly experience to broaden my perspective.
  10. It would be great to be in a foreign country,where absolutely no one should know me, only to hear Robert say, “Hi Jo!” catching me off guard, again.

If you blog and you can get yourself to the event, you won’t be disappointed…


The 5th edition of the EWBC will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, from November 9 – 11, 2012, bringing together wine professionals and wine lovers of all backgrounds from around the world. Founded and organized by Vrazon, the 2008 conference, in La Rioja, Spain, was the first international event for Wine Bloggers and the first of an ongoing series of conferences and events under the “Wine Bloggers Conference” banner, including the recent 2011 EWBC conference, in Franciacorta, Italy.

Our goal is to create a network of wine communicators across the globe to spread information, broaden the culture of wine, improve industry standards, and above all else, create a physical space to communicate and share ideas.

Gabriella, Ryan and Robert continue to organize the series of events, but we are also grateful for the incredible efforts of our friends and fellow bloggers, and our sponsors, in making these events happen. If you wish to become involved in some way, or think you have something to offer, do get in touch.


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