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From Queen Ann’s Lace to Starting a Wine Grape Advocacy Group


This image was taken while walking with winemaker Steve Hall, just prior to interviewing him about “The Old Kraft Vineyard.” Jose and I were doing a video shoot about Robert Biale Vineyards.


Once upon 1968… I was walking with two men (who were talking above my thinking attention span at the time) on Mount Desert Island. One of them, the 50ish, New Jersey electronics engineer bent down, picked a Queen Ann’s lace flower, and handed it to me, simply saying, “Queen Ann’s lace.” I added it to the little wild flower collection I was gathering, and we kept walking, they kept talking. For the rest of time, I can’t even look at a Queen Ann’s lace without thinking of this man. What an interesting life long gift he gave to me. Now, I’ve given it to you… for what it’s worth to you.


Chris: Great story.

Michael: Karon & I lived for an all-too-brief year in Mendocino and Queen Ann’s Lace grew wild alongside the roads. Beautiful.

Jo Diaz:

Michael, they are, but I never really saw them for their beauty until I was handed one and given its name. Now, I see what an exquisite accomplishment of nature they are.

Ginny: So sweet

Steve: Lovely story, Jo.

Louise: what happened to the man?

Jo Diaz:

Louise, the three of us walked for quite a bit. The younger man, whom I had originally been walking with, and I came to a point where we wanted to go one way, and Mr. Queen Ann’s Lace had another direction in mind. We all simply parted company, as easily as we had hooked up in our walk… the two of us (Mr. QAL and I) never said a word to each other, except for his instructing me in flora…

Deb: i Love the little purple heart in the center ♥, did you know if you put food coloring in a glass of water add the lace flower, they change color?

Jo Diaz:

Debbie, I, too, love the little purple flower in the middle. Being handed the flower, and having these two guys tech talking, left me alone with the delicate beauty of QAL. It was at that moment that I discovered the purple heart in the center. I gazed in disbelief, and didn’t need any chatter about anything else. It held me for a long time. (Remember, this was the 60s) Had there been a stone in my path, I would have stumbled. Instead, I eventually came to California and started an advocacy group called PS I Love You… where a purple heart really matters. Who knew….

Also, Deb, I didn’t know that they will change color… Fascinating. And… the ones in California are missing the little purple heart in the center, so I guess that means that my heart really does belong to Maine. You can take the Yankee out of New England, but you can’t take New England out of the Yankee.

I trust everyone is still recovering from Thanksgiving!


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