Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

I’m so thankful that you enjoy my writing and come here occasionally to reconnect. Without you, no one would know that I love to write!

There’s a part of me that’s very self centered with this wine blog. It’s my journal, so it has to be about my personal experiences. There have been those who have read it and had to put up with me, thinking they could offer an opinion that would change my thinking… Reading wine blog, and expecting to find one’s own thinking along the way won’t always work. Jose once said to me, “It scares me that no one can control you.” He was right… My dad tried for years, thinking he could break me. Sorry, Dad, you never got that done before you passed away. I have no regrets, though.

Wine blog is a personal journal of someone (me) who’s in the wine business, and my observations based on my experiences; who I meet, how they treat me, and how I interpret that. I may not always be right, but they are what they are… my perceptions.

I watch the back end, and see that a good number of people stop by, like you today. I’m thankful that we’ve connected.

Now, others who have helped me along the way this past year:

Thanks to all of you and what a wonderful year we’ve had together. I wish you all the best through these most joyous, upcoming holidays.

Cheers! (Now, go eat some food!)