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Canopy management, shoot position, cluster separation, by David Mounts

In keeping with Wine Blog’s dedication to oral presentations by winemakers, this video is very informative with answers from David Mounts of Mounts Family Vineyards.

Coming from his family vineyards in Dry Creek Valley, owned by his father Richard Mounts, David had the advantage of going to UC Davis. This was to not only learn about viticulture, but David also took enology courses. As a second generation farmer in Dry Creek Valley, when it became time for him to return to the family, David and his wife Lana Mounts wanted to do a bit more. (This is not an unusual scenario.)

Together they wanted to take it to the full spectrum of a grape’s life cycle, and that’s from vine to wine.

David’s done a tremendous job with his award winning wine, doing business as Mounts Family Winery. There’s no better testament to the quality of a grape grower’s fruit than critical acclaim; not that Mounts Family Vineyards needed any further endorsement for their meticulous attention to detail. That was already part and parcel of the fruit that came from the family’s vineyard.

What David has done is take it to even greater depth, insuring the family’s legacy will have another round with yet another generation that is being raised as I write this.

David’s interview is so fascinating that I found one of next year’s presenters for the Tenth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium, sponsored by Concannon Vineyard.


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4 Responses to “Canopy management, shoot position, cluster separation, by David Mounts”

  1. Ron Saikowski says:

    Mounts Family Wines are awesome having first tasted them during Barrell Tasting in 2010. Looking forward to tasting them again in March, 2012. This family is so down-to-earth and unpretentious. It reminds me of the Walton Family in the vineyards!

  2. Jo Diaz says:


    They are so refreshing as people…

  3. Deandra says:

    That’s the smart thikning we could all benefit from.

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