Did you know wine makes a great gift for any occasion?

Last Friday, I featured Gustafson Family Vineyards with winemaker Emmett Reed in Dan Gustafson’s Petite Sirah block.

This Friday, it’s the other half of that interview, with Jose Diaz and Emmett taking it to the wine cellar to talk about Gustafson’s 2010 Petite Sirah from that block. Meanwhile, Dan Gustafson joined the team, discussing his vision… which is a powerful message. Dan is articulate, very knowledgeable, and committed to being a perfect steward of the land he’s currently inhabiting.

Dan built his winery on a sloping mountainside, high atop Dry Creek Valley. His property actually is overlooking Lake Sonoma, and I’ve sometimes found myself high above a hawk fly zone, watching them ride air currents below where I’ve been watching. It always takes my breath away, when I’m up there. The vistas are expansive, and I never tire of visiting with my Gustafson friends. (They have a really lovely, quiet picnic area for guests.)

With this video, Emmett describes his winemaking style in the first half, and then Dan discusses his love of his land… He’s an accomplished landscape architect by trade… and his vision is inspirational.


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