Gustafson Family Vineyard has been a favorite on Wine-Blog, because both owner Dan Gustafson and winemaker Emmett Reed have gone out of their way to over deliver. Both articulate gentlemen are very eager to share. Some people are just easy to be around, and that would be Dan and Emmett.

There’s never been a time when I’ve been in the vineyards with Emmett that I haven’t learned a lot more than my viticulture 101 class, and all my other vit experiences combined. Emmett explains everything in such a way that’s it’s right there for you to grasp… He’s a great teacher, whether or not he knows it yet.

Emmett takes part in every aspect of grape growing, and then become 100 percent involved in the micro winemaking production.

Jose Diaz conducted the following vineyard interview, and Emmett was right there with perfect, ready answers.

Enjoy. It’s very informative, if you’re looking to learn a bit more about grapes growing when it’s so close to harvest.

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