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William T. Haines, my fraternal great grandfather, was a Maine Republican, career politician:

  • 1882 to 1887 ~ Kennebec County’s county attorney
  • 1888 to 1892 ~ Maine State Senate
  • 1895 to 1896 ~ Maine House of Representatives
  • 1896 to 1901 ~ Attorney General of Maine
  • 1901 to 1905 ~ Governor’s Executive Council
  • 1912 ~ Nominated for the governorship of Maine by the Republican Party
  • 1913 to 1915 ~ Won the general election by a popular vote.
    • During his administration, a bond issue was authorized for road improvements. A public utilities bill and an anti-trust act were sanctioned.
    • He was unsuccessful in his re-election bid.
      • As a Republican, he introduced a social welfare bill
      • It killed his chances for re-election

Somewhere in there, my great grandfather found his heart, while also amassing a great deal of wealth in the process. I have some remnants of that past still with me, and I grew up knowing that my great grandfather was a very wealthy man, owning all of the buildings and lots of land in Waterville, Maine. “How did he get all of that property?” I used to wonder. Then, I grew up.

I also have learned that although he failed to get his social act passed through the system, he actually created a program for women with children and no man to support them in Waterville, that’s still in existence today. His act of introducing a bill that had some social welfare attached to it is what killed his chances for re-election, according to my Uncle Joe.

Republicans just don’t introduce “social welfare” kinds of bills. Everyone knows that, right?

What he couldn’t do politically, he did accomplish privately. I know that will make every Republican so proud, that he did it the way he should have… privately. For me, humility is the better side of pride, and I swing that way. I can’t condone pride for myself. In the dictionary, “pride” is a very a negative word… Look it up. I just know that I need to avoid pride at all costs. I’m pleased that my great grandfather found his way. He was out just as the Roaring 20s were headed in; massive corruption within the government was going to be taking a tremendous upswing through Prohibition… And the greed of those days within our political system hasn’t had any slowdown.

Where am I coming from?

I just read this headline on, “Liquor lobby gives $45,000 to treasurer.” The subtitle, “Grossman aide says gifts won’t affect actions.” All I can say is, “Well, that’s pretty gross, man. Who are you kidding? Do you think we’re all that stupid? Give me a break, you’re on the take.” Pardon me, but what an idiot this Grossman guy is…

FROM In his biggest one-time haul of political cash since he took office, state Treasurer Steve Grossman accepted $45,000 at a fund-raiser earlier this month from package store proprietors, bar owners, and liquor distributors, industries his office heavily controls and regulates.

Grossman took donations from executives across the state, all of whom have a financial interest in the decisions and policies set by the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, the agency he oversees as treasurer.

The donations represent nearly one quarter of the entire $187,000 Grossman has raised since he took office in January.

At what point do citizens become outraged? I am, darn it, so I’m writing about it. It’s totally disgraceful.

Okay people, I’m waiting for y’all to take to the streets and get some control back… Or, is it too late? Do you love the way your state controls what you can and can’t enjoy for wine. Are you satisfied only drinking the truly great stuff when you come to the West Coast?

More for us, I know, but this stinks… Smelling of major corruption.


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