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Twenty-First Century Ode To a 2010 Falcone Family Vineyard 2010 Chardonnay

Oh, Falconé on my palate, all burnt butterscotch, cremé brule linger…

As I get my life in order, how lovely to have you become mine,

All mine, as I go about my business…

You ~ perhaps ~ should have been saved for guests

And for r-e-a-l-l-y creative culinary and end product results,

But no, it is you and I moving through that which must be done…

And I’m so blessed that you’ve entered my world.

I can sing your praises and pour myself a bit more.

I’m enraptured with your golden, crystal hue,

I’m delighted with one more sip… turning into a slight gulp.

I swirl again to get the nose, complex yellow, hints of lemon candy…

Once again, your flavors deliver as they should.

This wine had only been crafted in about 70 barrels… only…

Sitting in a cellar, enjoying the French moment… Oooo la, la.

Its pedigree is showing and I’m enjoying that I got lucky enough

To have one of your 4,200 bottles…

Yup, 4,199 bottles of 2010 Falconé Family Vineyard bottles of wine on the wall…


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2 Responses to “Twenty-First Century Ode To a 2010 Falcone Family Vineyard 2010 Chardonnay”

  1. Yup, John Falcone makes nice wine–and that Chardonnay is a good buy at $25. He’s also the winemaker at Rusack, which is a great little winery.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Steve, thanks for the details on behalf of John Falcone. I recently read an ode by an old writer… like a couple of hundred years ago… And now I’m kicking myself, because I didn’t write down who it was and which wine enraptured his palate… But, I was inspired. Way back, a winemaker sent a bottle of wine to an author, and got an Ode in response to his wine. (All I can think of is Walt Whitman, I’ve got to do some research.) Now I’m thinking that it I didn’t make note. It was that good.

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