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My Dear, Deer Prefer Petite, It’s not just we who do…

FUN FACT: Being in an old Zinfandel vineyard with David Gates, Paul Draper’s VP of Vineyard Operations at Ridge Vineyard and winery in Dry Creek Valley, we walked past a “thin” vine. It was obviously ravaged by something, and just didn’t have the same full foliage on long canes that drip downward like the rest of these head-pruned vines… It’s canes were almost leafless.

David explained, “This vineyard has a lot of Rhone varieties blended into in it, including Petite Sirah. Once, we had deer that got past the fence. I’ve learned, deer will go right past Zinfandel and every other variety in this field, and head straight for the Petite Sirah vines. Then, they feast.”

Check out these two images. The one on top is the ravaged Petite vine, the one on the bottom is its Zin neighbor.

What do the deer know that some of us have also learned… It’s about the dark, juicy, and delicious flavors, dear.

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