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You’ve Got a Bottle of Great Wine & Want to Sell It… Now What?

In the past month, I’ve received two almost identical questions. (I’ve got my own Dear Abby quietly going behind the scenes called, “Dear Jo.”)

Here’s one example for Dear Jo. The other was very similar:

I began following your blog recently. Kudos!…I am enjoying it. Admittedly, I am no wine expert, and have just recently began exploring the world of wine. Therefore I have a question about a bottle that has recently come under my possession. It is a Schramsberg 1969 Blanc de Blanc. I would like to sell it and am curious about the best way to go about that and who to contact. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ! Nick A.

The first time I was asked, I didn’t have a clue, so I relied on my wine connections on Facebook. I asked, “What are web sites, beyond Craig’s List or E-Bay, where one could sell wine?” I immediately got two great responses, and am sorry that I didn’t write down my helpers. I would have had I known that it would come to a blog posting.

I feel like the sales rep I met a long time ago. He told me, “When I get asked for a wine, I write it down out back. Then, when I get asked again, I order it.” I’m doing the same thing here. I was asked and not only made the mental note, but I also created a link called “Sell Your Wine,” so that when someone was searching on “Sell Your Wine,” he or she might land on my site and find these two links:

Now, having also written about this phenomenon that exists within the wine world, the info is out there and search engines will be even more helpful when someone searches on “Sell Your Wine.”

The wine world is filled with as many questions as there are varieties of wine. It’s a fascinating gig!



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