This is a great question that I was just asked by two of the members of PS I Love You, right after I sent out the registration form for our February 17, 2012 event, to be held at Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda.

First, I’m going to let Steve Heimoff’s words explain it to you, in a blog that he did after visiting D&D 2011… He was imploring PS producers who aren’t part of our group to help support us, because he sees the potential for something truly magnificent in the future. (So do I.):

Dark & Delicious is one of the more fun events of its kind. There’s tons of great food provided by local restaurants, and scores of wineries pour their Petite Sirahs (plus there’s usually some additional stuff “under the table”). It’s $63.00 a person, which is cheap considering you can eat a bellyful of really good food and drink to your heart’s content. And no parking hassles: There’s a huge lot well staffed by young men who how to direct the traffic.

I had a great time, as I know everybody else did (the event was sold out, even though there was a huge rainstorm)… I’m appealing to the Petite Sirah producers who don’t support P.S.I.L.Y., join this organization that’s done so much to help you. It’s the right thing to do. It will help boost Petite Sirah even further into the limelight, and I can guarantee you that it would make Dark & Delicious absolutely one of the premier wine events of the year in California.

Tom Merle, Bay Area Wine Society, also has a great quote that we enjoy:

This is one of those events that you go to when you see your same friends each year, because it’s a just-right size… You offer far more real gourmet treats than any other of the marketing association tastings.

Next, let me tell you what the brands pouring and many, many of the food vendors tell me each year… “This is their favorite event. They love D&D for the organization, the size, and the quality of the people who attend.

David Shabelman, Artezin Wines (Hess Collection):

Who would not go to this event? Easily one of the best of the year.

Attendees are the following:

  • Fully engaged, eager to learn and willing to listen.
  • This isn’t a wine festival where people come to drink their money’s worth. Because the foods are so fabulous, people are willing to take their time, because they can (almost) navigate it all for food and wine.
  • They love seeing their friends from year to year. It’s a loyal, educated crew that’s upwardly mobile, with sophisticated wine palates.
  • Few people are hip to Petite Sirah, but those who are are tremendously passionate, and they’re here.

With more than 50 wine brands and 30 support restaurants and food caterers at one of Northern California’s most delicious wine and food events, it’s no wonder that 800 guests travel from all over the United States to attend this premier event for Petite Sirah. Attendance has always sold out, now going into our sixth-year of history.

Wineries already committed:

  1. Andis Wines (Debut of new member)
  2. Aratas Wines (Debut of new member)
  3. Artezin (Hess Collection)
  4. Aver Family Vineyards
  5. Ballentine Vineyards
  6. Berryessa Gap Winery
  7. Bogle Vineyards and Winery
  8. Clayhouse Wines
  9. Concannon Vineyard
  10. Diamond Ridge Vineyards
  11. Don & Sons
  12. Estrella Creek Wines
  13. F. Teldeschi
  14. Field Stone
  15. Foppiano Vineyards
  16. Grizzly Republic
  17. Guglielmo Winery (Debut of new member)
  18. Gustafson Family Vineyards
  19. Handal Denier (Debut of new member)
  20. Harney Lane Winery
  21. J. Baldwin Wines
  22. J. Rickard Wines (Debut of new member)
  23. Lava Cap
  24. Line 39
  25. Line Shack + Lido Bay Winery
  26. McCay Cellars
  27. Mettler  Wines
  28. Michael~David Winery
  29. Miro Cellars
  30. Mounts Family Winery
  31. Nottingham Cellars
  32. Occasio Winery
  33. Odonata Winery (Debut of new member)
  34. Page Mill Winery
  35. Parducci Wine Cellars
  36. R & B Cellars
  37. Ridge Vineyards
  38. Robert Biale Winery
  39. Rock Wall Wine Company
  40. Rosenblum Winery
  41. Rutherford Grove
  42. Shadowbrook Winery (Debut of new member)
  43. Silkwood Wines
  44. Stage Left Cellars
  45. Stags’ Leap Winery
  46. Stanton Vineyards
  47. Tercero Wines
  48. Trentadue Winery
  49. Tres Sabores
  50. Trueheart Vineyard (Debut of new member)
  51. Turkovich Family Winery (Debut of new member)
  52. Twisted Oak
  53. Vina Robles
  54. Wilson Vineyards

If you’re a winery interested in participating, it will mean greater exposure for your company though ad and social media campaigns. If you join our merry band of eclectic winemakers and consumers, this media blitz goes on from now through February 2012.

Sign-ups for wine companies are now being accepted, and you must be a member of PSILY to participate. (This is a frequently asked question.) You can sign-up here for PSILY. Become a member, or you can sign up on line for all of it… Membership + Dark & Delicious.

Consumers will be able to purchase tickets beginning on Black Friday. Those in our database get a Black Friday discount through an Email blast. Launched last year, this proved to be wildly popular, and so we’re continuing it this year.

Media people are welcome as our guests. You just have to click E-Mail Jo Diaz to get onto the list and have a blog site or write for a hard copy periodical.

A YouTube video that shows what D&D is all about, in case you’ve missed it and are wondering.

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