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I am… Today’s Labor Day, and I’m laboring. I have no labor union to keep me from working an 80 to 100 hour week, and for that I’m thankful.

That said, there are others who need to have the boss man be kept from abusing workers. (It’s always my choice to be here and not out wine tasting or at the beach on weekends.)

My grandfather, who couldn’t read because he had to leave school and go to work at the tender age of eight, worked in a factory in Lewiston, Maine. By he time he was in my life, he was a new car salesman and a real estate broker. He owned two beautiful homes; one on Orange Street, and the other a summer home on Sabattus Lake. As an eight year old, he used to have to walk from his home on the Lane Road in Greene to one of the factories on Canal Street in Lewiston. I Googled the distance and found that that was a 6 mile walk (for an eight year old), at least five days a week. Once his work was done, he had to then walk home, walking in the opposite direction, and that was in Maine’s freezing cold winter weather.

He was the kindest man in my life, while he was alive, and I know it was because of his childhood. I, like my grandfather, made sure to correct all of the injustices of my childhood, so my children would never have to experience that kind of pain. Like my grandfather, I succeeded, against all odds and am better for it all.

So, today, I’m laboring, but enjoying wine with the day and reflecting on my past almost six year writing this journal.

  • I’ve written 1,190 blog posts.
  • Each one has taken an average of four hours to write.
  • I also format images as part of that blog, but I’m not counting the time it takes to go out and get those images. Sometimes I’m with a client, most of the time I’m not.
  • 1,190 stories x 4 hours to write = 4,760 hours of writing for the sheer joy of it… It’s not labor, which is why I’ve not needed a union as protection.
  • I have a few blog posts, lets say 300 of them, that I’ve had indirect compensation for.
  • That leaves 4,470 of non-billable hours for writing because the spirit moved me.

So, today, I’m going to be enjoying a 2009 Beaujolais Pierre Chermette.

Are you laboring, and if so, what are you going to be enjoying while you do what you love doing?