Months ago, I wrote that Fat Corks are Welcome Here.

It was a fun story to write, because the owner of the company, Bryan Maletis is the son of Ed Maletis, who owned Columbia Distributing during my days as a sales person for Belvedere and Grove Street wineries. I love watching the next generation coming into their own, and Bryan’s well on his way.

He just sent a YouTube video to me entitled, What is Grower Champagne.

While he had explained it all to me back when I wrote my first piece, and I got it, his newly produced YouTube Video is a great visual for learning. It’s just two minutes, and well worth your time, especially if you’re responsible for teaching this to someone else.

Long ago, I realized I’m a visual learner, show it to me and I instantly get it (I don’t need the accompanying words, most of the time, including constructing things). This video is a visual learners paradise… especially since Bryan’s using a map for the region of Champagne.


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