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Besides wine, what Gary Vee has brought to the table ~ The Thank You Economy

I finished this book a while ago, The Thank You Economy. Then my life got really busy; beyond the normal working for clients, taking care of a home, and enjoying my hobby (wine blogging):

  • Two new grandchildren were born within three months of each other, and within a half hour of us
    • To our two daughters
    • Who were also our two employees
    • Two pregnant workers/daughters does not equal one busy one
  • We had four family and friend visits this summer, most staying for about a week
  • I put on two symposiums, plus a food and wine event
    • Pinot Gris in Oregon (June)
    • Petite Sirah in Livermore (July)
    • Annual BBQ for PS I Love You’s advocates

The dust has settled, but not on Gary Vaynerchuk’s book. It’s been right here and Ive been keeping it free from dust, because I’ve wanted to write about it. It’s a very important book, due to its messages.

Let me first say, what’s contained within its pages – most of it – struck very close to home, because it goes to the heart of great customer service and being polite, which I’ve been doing for the last 30 years. PR’s my life and I believe and work at all of the concepts contained within the book’s pages.

What’s different about the book:

  • The elements that social media has brought to the table
  • The audience that’s mostly gravitating toward this book… Our dear millennials, who are hungry for knowledge

The millennials are my kids’ generation. I helped to raise this curious, Sesame Street crowd. They think in sound bites, which was brought to them by the “Letter M, and the Number 4,” day after day after day…

The crux of what Gary is delivering to his readers about social media (and he hates that term, because it’s a misnomer) is this… Don’t depend on social media to tell your entire story, and have it be your be-all to end-all. Craft your message, get it out in the one-on-way ways that have always worked, then use social media as a follow-up. Facebook, Twitter, Google +… all these mediums… are just an adjunct to doing what has been done for eons of time. And, that’s been… being kind, honest, trustworthy, and goodhearted. You now need to do a bit more…

Gary has written, “…can take your business in a world where word of mouth travels more quickly and holds more power than it ever has before. Succeeding in The Thank You Economy is not about simply being nice and selling in an inoffensive way. Anyone can do that. It’s about taking every opportunity to show that you care about your customers and how they experience your brand in a way that is memorable and uniquely you.”

The magic words in the quote above… “taking every opportunity.”

Every generation needs to hear these golden rules, and Gary Vee is this new generation’s spokesperson. It’s his passion and enthusiasm that have propelled him to the top so rapidly. His generation was ripe for a paradigm shifter, and his animated qualities fit right into what they understand and enjoy as an extension of they grew up with. Gary could have been a character on Sesame Street, teaching effective communications.

I’ve watched a lot of Sesame Street, by the way, because I love the delivery and believe in its messages. I had three children who needed to be educated from the moment they opened their eyes, and Sesame Street was their daily classroom for years.

Early on I queried: A New Age of Wine Media: Is Gary Vaynerchuk the Millennium’s Answer to Robert Parker?  The messages have mostly followed in a pretty loud, clear resounding, “Yes.” While he may not completely fit the profile of what Parker is and has accomplished, he does fit the successful profile of what Parker has done; i,e, take his passion for wine and communicating, and driven it home to throngs of people. And, they have both turned on a generation to wine in ways that no one else has been able to completely replicate. And, that’s because they both led the way, and continue to, each with (mostly) his own generation.

I recently experienced another leader from Gary’s generation, who came on like a freight train at my Petite Sirah Symposium. Mark Oldman (Brave New World of Wine) delivered our keynote speech. He talks about Petite Sirah as “Dark and Intense as a Dominatrix’s Boot.” I love it. I’m not into S&M myself, but I just get what he meant. It’s like the time I wrote about a winery cat, “She has the finesse of a high-priced call girl,” and I had a guy in New York that I was working with call me and say, disgustedly, “Jo-oooo!” really dragging it out.

So… I had someone at the symposium tell me after that he was concerned with this message. “It just doesn’t have that old school way of thinking and writing about wine for him,” I thought to myself. I’m not concerned, even though I’m part of that traditional crowd… I see Mark’s description as just playful words, written to deliver the most extreme example to get the reader (or listener’s) attention, and both of these guys (Gary and Mark) are taking it all the way to the bank.

Gary’s messages in his book are spot on, and that’s why he’s become a (seemingly) overnight sensation… When in fact, he’s not over-night. It’s been years in the making; his family teaching him how to be  great business man. Add to that, he’s exceptional at crafting the message for a time when both younger and older people need to know what’s going on with the onslaught of media options. His ability to bridge generations is what’s landed him on the national stage, including becoming a spokesperson for what this is all about on national television, and what it’s all about is the “Thank You Economy.”

Besides wine, what has Gary Vaynerchuk brought to the table? A new generational business man who loves wine, but has become so much more. Someday, boys and girls, if he owns the Jets, I’m not going to be surprised, and he’ll be drinking wine in his owner’s box.






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  1. Sondra says:

    What an inspiring write-up of the great Gary Vee – a reminder to reread his book too. What is also inspiring for how much you have done and accomplished with all that’s going on in your life – this is being brought to you by the letter J – for Jo, Jose, Joy, Juicy.

    My kids, too, were raised with the help of Big Bird and the Cookie Monster. Maybe we can create a wine version of Sesame Street – Via Vino?

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks, Sondra… Our version would be brought to you by the letter V (Via Vino), and the number 12 (a case of and a case for Vino)

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