How interesting is that going to be for the students!

On my end, just being considered for an award is always an honor. This week I was asked to participate in an evaluation process that is going to be very thorough. Once the announcement is made, I’ll support it with a story; for now, I’m just journaling what’s recently going on in my life as a wine publicist.

For instance, this year the Wine Bloggers Conference group acknowledged my blog as a credible wine business blog. Wine Business recognized my blog as credible, when it first launched wine blogs on their site probably about five years ago. I was one of the first of 11 to be aggregated, and I found that very satisfying… Then life went on for about the next five years, picking up one endorsement after another. I’ve cherished everyone of them, because I write for the passion and freedom of it. Recognition along the way tells me that a few people are enjoying the information that I’m journaling. Some tell me that I inspire them, while others tell me that they learn new things. That’s great payment.

My humble list of achievements with my wine blog.

  • Wine Blog Awards Finalist: 2011 ~ Best Industry Blog
  • WE Magazine: 2011 ~ A Wine Blogger to Watch
  • Ask Deb: Live Better University, Top 100 Great Advice Blogs
  • AlaWines: Top 100 wine blogs
  • Teach Street Featured Blogger
  • Foodista Featured Wine Blogger
  • Stark Silver Creek ~ Best Wine Blogs, Honorable Mention
  • American Squirrel Awards: 2009 ~ Best Ever Reference to Hyemeyohsts Storm in an Astrology Post: Jo Diaz

I just got a great query from a class at the Dijon Business School. It’s not so much that I was recognized, that I’m bothering to journal this one. It’s about the depth for which their criteria is set, and evaluating 500 different wine blogs…  This one is far from a popularity contest, and I’m greatly impressed.

I’m not going to publish their criteria, which is very well thought out. It would make it too easy for someone else to come along and rip it off.

Whomever eventually wins this award, which is a class project, will be very deserving. One cannot be simply writing a journal for this award. The winner will have to be completely well-rounded and talented, using a potpourri of social media outlets.

Good luck to everyone!

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