There’s a certain flow that’s going on, where I don’t have to look for anything new to be doing. It just finds me. That’s actually how Diaz Communications began and continues. In the ten years that Jose and I have owned and operated our agency, I’ve not had to solicit one client. They’ve found me, somehow. While there have been times when it seems like it might be headed toward lean, some other opportunity pops up.

Now, with Wine Blog, it’s even more busy around here. And, I love it, because I’m kept abreast of what’s going on in the world around me, without ever having to step outside of my own work space.

Last week, I got a package in the mail from Evan Webster Ink (very clever). Evan owns his own silk screening print company in the Boston area.

I’m betting that he doesn’t know that I’m a 14th generation granddaughter of the Reverend William Blackstone, who was sent over by King James to preach the King James version of the Bible. Blackstone settled on a piece of property, which – had he kept it – would have me sitting on Beacon Hill today owning it, along with the Boston Commons. (Inheritance isn’t in my astrology chart, this time around.) So, if it’s got “Boston” associated with it, I love it, pretty much, New Englander that I am.

I also love Evan’s Website. On his home page, he’s got rollover examples of his work… More very clever. The image above is for his blog site, not his home page, just so you’re not confused if you’re clicking on links and wondering why there’s a disconnect between the roll overs and his blog, which is static.

So, in the mail I receive three cloth (sturdy muslin cotton) bags (pictured above) with a silk screened cork screw on each of them. They’re very green these days, made of something as sturdy as muslin (I was a seamstress years ago, and love fabrics).  They’re really well constructed. Having sewn for about 10 years, I immediately flipped the bags inside out. I wanted to see how well they’re made, and I’m happy to report that they’ve been made really well. There aren’t any raw seams and the materials are first rate.

Evan’s tag line is “Fine Printed Products.” He’s got my seal of approval for all of the following reasons:

  • High quality materials (even the pull cord is high quality)
  • Hand screen printing (love that artisanal touch)
  • Very creative and clever
  • Extremely green conscious, reusable wine bag

If you’d like one of the bags that Evan sent to me (asking that I give away two), I’ll send one to you (US addresses, only, please). Just be one of the first two people to comment on this posting, and I’ll connect with you for your mailing address.

UPDATE – No Longer in Business:These black and/or white bags can be purchased on Evan’s retail site: SQRZ Market / Corky for only $12.00/each. I’ll be recommending these bags for holiday gift giving, since we’re headed in that direction. Still, they’re great now to carry a bottle of wine with you, or as a gift for hosts, friends, upcoming birthdays, etc.

Also, if you own a  winery and are considering having cloth bags in your tasting room, as an option for additional sales, just Email Evan.