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Thought for the day: Finding A Heart Will Lead Me To Revealing A Soul, If I Write About Someone

Welcome to a day in the life of my wine publicist’s journal…


So… My friend Honey Airborne (as in the 82nd Airborne Division) told me that Mr. Opportunity would be knocking again soon, when I wrote my blog story Mr. Opportunity.

I wondered about it, and got on with my life… Too busy to dwell, just event planning.

And he did appear. I’m now writing blog posts on both Custom Wine Concierge and Custom Tour Concierge. So, thanks, Honey. You were right on…

Now, by having this new outlook, new assignments that will please my client, I’m stretching beyond my comfort zone, exploring new avenues, fresh perspectives, and finding new worlds for feature stories.

It’s always a crap shoot when I write personally about a new wine player. They intrigue me, these keepers of the vines and wines. I go to their places of business; and have to be a bit of a curiosity, because I arrived with no prepared agenda or questions. It’s just, “Here I am, tell me about you. I’ll tell you a bit about me, too, because it draws the parallels; and you’ll go deeper, giving me a story you weren’t expecting. And, neither was I.”

I just had one of those moments; so hold on, Honey, because Mr. Opportunity is knocking again, very quickly since the last… And, that’s exactly how I lost Mr. Opportunity in the first place. This time, I’ll make the time and not look back.

He just wrote to me:


I love your style of writing. It is like music to my ears… I have read two of your blogs so far, and Jo, they are amazing. You can write for me anytime. I would love to get together for lunch sometime and just chat about today’s social media, blogging, etc. and how it affects all of us in our day to day lives. You are truly an entrepreneur when it comes to this.

I wrote back to him,

I’m relieved that you like my style of writing. I know that it’s very usual, and not what anyone is expecting. I learned that with English assignments that I’d turn in and be asked for my source…

“Did you plagiarize?” (Who had time for that!)

I love weaving stories… Yours was amazing from the beginning…

Getting together to discuss working together would be a good thing… I’m now wrapping up my Petite Sirah Symposium, but only on a taking it in level. I’ve had a fellow writer and her seven year old with us for the last five days… They just left. It’s usually my recovery time, so I’ve just started to recover.

My daughter and grandsons are arriving this Thursday for five days, so I’ll be back into family (while slipping in work).

By mid-August, my life will open for more new things, ideas, getting away from my writing and computer.

I’ve got my pulse on social media, because I was studying about it (web programming) before it arrived on the world wide web. We were told that an interactive Web was on the horizon, and it was going to be called Web 2.0. As soon as there was access, I built a couple of Websites for others; then, knew that I wanted my own. It would be a place to store all the stories in my head… All the things I was learning as a wine publicist. I wanted my pulse on it, because I understood that it would be revolutionizing the way we think, work, study, play, etc. It’s a world within a world, and we’re all invited. I just went to the party early on… Now, I’ve got my own room.

Thank you for joining me today, in my journal…


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