[Image of Daniel Amadio, of Amadio wines, with his labelled bottles at the left and the Selena Estate labelled bottles on the right. Text for this image borrowed from The Advertiser. Picture: Tait Schmaal]

From AdelaideNow: Winemaker seeing red over competitor’s similar labels, by Ken McGregor

You’ve  just got to love it… If something is selling well and you want some of the profit, why not just “Do it,” like the Nike slogan says?

When I said I didn’t want anyone using my stories or images without permission, at the European Wine Bloggers Conference, I was questioned and told that others were cool with being ripped off. Sorry, everyone, but intellectual property is just that, and why should someone else set up a Web site, place Google ads, and then make a profit with your work, without you knowing about it or sharing in the profits. Stealing is stealing.

But this one… Holy kaboly, a Chinese importer has taken it to the max!

And I’d be ripping angry if this were my label.

Talk about having to learn to play nice in the world sandbox. What the heck was this Chinese importer thinking?!?

Were they really that naive about reputable business practices? Don’t the fundamentals of Buddhism have a clause in them about stealing, called Karma?

Specifically, the unwholesome actions which are to be avoided relate to the three doors or means of action, and these are body, speech and mind. There are three unwholesome actions of the body, four of speech and three of mind that are to be avoided. The three unwholesome actions of body that are to be avoided are killing, stealing and sexual misconduct. The four unwholesome actions of speech that are to be avoided are lying, slander, harsh speech and malicious gossip. The three unwholesome actions of mind that are to be avoided are greed, anger and delusion.

Far be it from a Westerner to have to be quoting some of my earlier learnings in the 60s and 70s. It’s not possible that this importer was born after Buddhism was taught to the next generation. It’s just someone off his international, global market game; still leading us all to wonder how long it will take to shake most of the bad apples from the tree.

Bottom line, the Golden Rule, boys… 竊取在所有文化竊取 (Stealing is stealing in any culture.)

Somebody needs a refresher course in professional ethics, I’m thinking. I used to teach it, give me a call. I’ve got a short course for you.