I just love when it all comes together.

Honestly, for the most part, I rag and rag about how Petite Sirah is always misspelled (using the “y” instead of the ‘i”); and, how it’s closely related to Syrah, instead of the distant cousin that pops up a lot; and how it’s not yet a synonym, as decried by the TTB… Just some of the basics that have yet to make it onto the radar screen of so many wine writers. I had that just about solved, and along came Web 2.0, a whole new audience of people writing about wine, and not doing a basic search before venturing out…

My recent post entitled, Open letter to Vinesse, got the attention it needed. It not only delivered a great response from the company’s owner, but he also had his wine writer contact me. I had written:

“…this is what this blog posting is now about… Getting updated info to you. Please take it in the spirit of generosity for which it was intended.”

Bob wrote back to me:

Thanks for the info, Jo. I plan to devote my next “Editor’s Journal” post to this, and it will go live sometime Monday morning. It will include a nice pop for the P.S. website.


Bob J.

The site didn’t have any way for me to contact anyone, a detail that’s being worked on I was told, so I took my updates public. I was thanked, the edits will be made, and the system actually worked.

That’s what I’m talking about! Score one for the emotionally mature!

Would I prefer to send these messages privately?

That’s my first approach.

Will I leave a comment, if I can’t leave an Email?

I prefer to not use this method, but I will and do.

If nothing else exists, will I go public?

Ahuh… I have to. As the keeper of many facts for Petite Sirah, I have to make sure that the Internet isn’t clogged with a lot of misinformation.

Petite Sirah is one of the most misunderstood grape varieties in the US, and it’s also one of the most confusing… So, I have job security for a while…. That’s the good news.

I also believe that it’s important to also show the side of a great exchange when it happens with Petite Sirah, to balance off some of my oh-so-public ranting on this subject.

Thanks, Vinesse for a great, informational exchange experience. These guys are high on my list of people with great emotional intelligence.


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