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A Wine Shaman Who Explores the Depths of Wine ~ Dr. Sondra Barrett

If someone is a scientist… let’s say with a 40 year background of studying molecular conglomerations as a biochemist… one might imagine that person could never (under any circumstance) think about wine as having a soul.

Why? If it’s not visible to the naked eye or even under a microscope, this could be a gigantic absurdity for scientists… “Show me the proof,” I can hear them all shouting at me.

Along comes my diminutive friend, Dr. Sondra Barrett, PhD. She spent a good deal of her scientific career researching the cancers that ravage children’s lives. When she switched her gears toward a less stressful career in the arts, it was then that she began to explore all aspects of wine, including its molecular conglomerations, and the art that’s possible to create from it.  Sondra calls them “Portraits of that inner beauty in wine… At the moment I am calling them wine’s energetic expressions.”

This is the point at which Jose and I entered into her life.

And, it didn’t take me long to realize what a soulful person Sondra is. She’s not one to let her scientific mind interfere with her religious side. They coexist in harmony, and this is what allows her to be open to all things in the universe (and her brain)… She’s not just one-sided and dogmatic, which makes her a very interesting and (for me) a trustworthy person.

In a recent Email, Sondra questions:

Does wine have a soul?

Isn’t it transformed grape juice? Does it pick up soul along with spirit?

When I look at art or listen to a piece of music, some of it touches my soul.

When I first began photographing cells, molecules, then wine under the scope my soul was touched by the exquisite beauty. In wine especially.

And while exploring beauty, symbols began appearing that I could link to taste, character or essence of a wine, or so I thought.

Since symbols are often characterized as masculine (square, linear, bold) and feminine (rounded, swirly, delicate), the designs in wine fit into those shapes as well. So I ask here, is there a feminine wine? A feminine soul to wine?

Nonetheless, whether photoscapes of the inner wine reflect its soul or substance, they certainly offer amazing mysteries to explore… Want to adventure into your wine?

Journey into some new and old wines for harvest events.

When Sondra interviewed Heidi Barrett for her book, Wine’s Hidden Beauty:

Sondra: “…at first she said typically she didn’t think of wines as being either masculine or feminine. Then she thought a while and described her Moscato Azul , the only white wine she makes, as a feminine wine.

“’Why feminine,’ I asked her. ‘Because it was perfumey and delicate,’ she replied. Then she said, ‘Most red wines are masculine.'”

“I always see the Moscato as ‘wine angels’ – the above image and on the cover of my book.”

Heidi Barrett hasn’t used them for a label that she knows of, but Red Car has for their two vintages of Pearl, a Roussane: her latest blog posting…

Sondra and I have conversations about the soul of wine, both of us believing that living beings with energy have soul… as energy is soulful, all connected to one master source. Pull the plug, and it’s dark hole time. If I go into that hole, I’m bringing some bubbly along with me, to effervescently get myself out of that mess.

Meanwhile, Sondra has workshops on this subject, and quite honestly, it’s a very unique niche that she brings to the wine business. Until you’ve been in a conversation with her, don’t exclude it’s possibility from the reals of reality.

If you’re a vintner with soul, Sondra could show you what your wine looks like, under a microscope. Her art could be put to marketing uses not yet explored. My friend Ada Levy from Sarasota, Florida, just came up with a couple of uses for Sondra’s art:

  • Calendars
  • Silk Scarves; by years, months, or astrology

I see the art as an added attraction to a technical data sheet for the more soulful of brands.

Alpha Omega has large prints of four of their wines in their private tasting room.

Andre Tchelistcheff said, “They should be on silk scarves and jewelry.”

What would you do with her art?

Tomorrow, I’m going to have a story about all of the art that has come from her Petite Sirah tastings. The images are exquisite. I now have to think about how PS I Love You can use this art to our advantage.



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  1. Sondra says:

    Jo, your exploring the magic inside the bottle and the wine shaman, I thought I’d revisit the wine shaman myself – and how can anyone be one. It’s all in awareness and scope of the exploration. http://bit.ly/r2sajH.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Excellent, as always.

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