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Do you need inspiration ~ A wine with sensation?

As you’re grillin’ your steak this Fourth of July
And suggesting to folks what wine they should buy,
Please think of a wine with American roots.
Give your family and friends a wine they can toot…

Sirah with an “i” is all that I ask,
While swimmers are swimmin’, and sunbathers bask.
The dads will be firin’ up their best grills,
All shiny and bright, with lots of the frills.

A heritage day and a heritage wine,
A big slab o’beef with some fruit of the vine…
For the sake of our past, please hold this thought tight…
A scrumptious Petite for a steak… day or night!

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2 Responses to “Do you need inspiration ~ A wine with sensation?”

  1. Here’s to you, Jo and Jose, and all the grandkids! Salud.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks, Steve, you too! Went swimming yesterday in Kent Rosenblum’s reservoir. What a cooling off treat! Hope you’re keeping cool, also.

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