Okay, so I’m on your site. I want to say something to you, and I don’t want it to be in your comments section. How the heck do I – or anyone else for that matter – reach you?

Telling me who you are is Number Two, but very closely on the heels of Number One. It could be Number 1, subtitled “a.”

If I were to refer to you as a hobbyist, it’s quite possible that you’d want to rip my hair out. But honestly, in my humble opinion, to not say who you are and how you can be reached is not going to get you into the professional circles any time soon.

(Can you tell I’ve become frustrated with this issue?)

Perhaps that’s not your intent. However, if you’re a wine blogger, getting samples is pretty nice, isn’t it? Why make a winery jump through hoops? I’m betting that some of them just pass on you, like I did with someone yesterday.

The most ridiculous error I saw that made me leave that site (yesterday) was from a guy who also fancies himself as a marketer and an educator. Okay, I want to hire you, Mr. Marketer. You must be “All That.” How do I reach you? There  was absolutely no clue how to do that on that site.

Marketer… indeed.

I think these things may contribute to the statement that Gary Vee recently made about the fact that he thinks that most people who consider themselves social media people are falling short of the mark.

In a recent interview, between Josh Zelman and Gary Vee, entitled, Gary Vaynerchuk: “99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns” (TCTV)

I’d honestly rather be writing about wine. That said, I’ve got to vent this, because I’ve been thinking this since… oh, the first Wine Bloggers Conference I attended in Santa Rosa, California, three – or was it four – summers ago, and it was brought up.

Bloggers… and I don’t care what industry you may be writing about… advice from a seasoned professional:  if you want to be taken seriously, outside of your circle of family and friends, you must disclose who you are and how we can contact you, because we can advance your creds. To leave out that information is serving no one, and that includes you.

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