As you read this, I’ve already left for the Oregon Pinot Gris Symposium, presented by (and at) Oak Knoll Winery in Willamette Valley. Today is actually Sunday (June 5), and I’m about to go into a huge printing process.

All that’s left is to print name badges, table tents, programs, and tech data for the wine media. It’s going to take the rest of this Sunday afternoon, all of tomorrow, and Tuesday (while answering the phone, emails, and posting on Facebook and Twitter for the benefit of clients and my own sanity).

I was sent a CD to listen to, and was asked if I’d review it on my wine blog. It’s no secret that I love music… That’s why I worked for a rock n’roll radio station in the 80s and into the early 90s. I had access to the recording artists, which was a privilege and honor. I love jazz and blues, classical, new age, and the Top 40s. I still love to dance, and the Top 40s are more than fun!

[Image is borrowed from Anders’ Website.]

So here I am, listening to the very personal stories of Anders Holst, as he bears his heart and soul, as I journal about what I’m hearing… Getting psyched for copious printing jobs.

This CD is really growing on me. When I first popped it into my computer, I couldn’t listen to it. At the time, my thoughts were fragmented into a handful of cat’s eye marbles. I realized it was going to really take my attention, because the very first few words were so personal and rich with emotions. Unlike Top 40 that just makes you want to dance (and you can figure out the words later), Anders’ words are stories of where he’s been and what he’s experienced. I just couldn’t go there at the time…  Again, marbles… I put it off until now.

I’m really glad I waited. This is the perfect time. I’m ready to hear his words and his accompanying music… It’s definitely words first and music second.

Anders’ music doesn’t fit into any of the genres I’ve just mentioned, just as my wine blog doesn’t fits into any stereotypical category; so I think… no… I know we have that independent joie de vivre streak in common. I knew I’d love his music if I were to give him the right attention at the right time. Timing is everything, isn’t it?

I got an Email query from Nidhi Thapar, Two Sheps That Pass… 401 Broadway, Suite 804, New York, NY 10013:

I work with musician, Anders Holst, who is poised to release his third album SoHo Suite on June 7th, 2011. Blending smoky, emotive vocals with Anders’ signature velvety sound, SoHo Suite is an ode to his downtown Manhattan neighborhood and the romantic feelings it evokes. Lyrically, it explores the notion of grown-up love. Musically, it is a tip of the hat to the classic crooners of yesteryear.

The sentiments evoked while listening to Anders’ music, makes it a great pairing for wine-lovers. Previously, we have partnered with wineries across the country to provide Anders’ music to those attending tastings and events. We are currently in the process of securing an event with the local NYC-chapter of a national wine- appreciation group, in which approximately fifty members will spend an evening with Anders, including a live performance, and of course, great wine!

Would you be interested in receiving an advance copy of the album for review consideration on Juicy Tales? Perhaps you would be interested in a give-away of the album for one of your readers?

I am happy to provide you with your choice of a digital or physical copy for your consideration. Anders is also available for interviews upon request if you would like to do a feature of him on your site.

To give you a little more information on the album, it is a follow up to Anders’ 2009 release, Romantika, which was heralded by Billboard Magazine, Jazziz, Jazz Review, All About Jazz and Radio and Records. This release led to a nomination in the 2010 American Smooth Jazz Awards in the International Male Vocalist category, alongside luminaries like Seal and Michael Bublé, and a performance on WNBC’s “Weekend Today in New York”. He supported the release with several performances at Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency and a string of botanical gardens in the Northeast as part of his “LoveBlooms” tour.

I’ve found SoHo Suite to be really artistically and musically enjoyable… a good partner for me as I breeze thought all things wine related, whether work or just enjoyment at the end of this long day. (Just before an event, there’s so much to do to tie up all loose ends. Events have be so perfect on my end.)

So… Who’s interested  in receiving a copy of this CD as a give away? You, too, can experience Ander’s velvety voice and poignant stories…

To the first person who responds, I’ll contact Nidhi Thapar, and set you up, too.

I love this CD, continuing to be privileged by the music industry.

I’ll tell you the ending… “I’m on my way…”


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