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Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ Please Save Your Perfume for More Romantic Times

Although there’s a lot of “romance” associated with the “wine experience,” additional aromas when tasting wine don’t really add anything. In fact, they take a lot away from a really pleasant experience.

I’m no saint with this one. I’ll admit it… I learned this the hard way.

It was when I began my wine career in a tasting room. What did I know? I honestly knew so little about wine, that I didn’t know this really basic rule. I was gently told, and life moved on to a more enjoyable place.

Once one’s wearing perfume – this applies to both men and women – the pure enjoyment of tasting wine’s been drastically altered. It’s impossible to pick up all the nuances, if any perfume’s included in the experience.

It’s been years since I’ve worn perfume, as a result. What that’s done to my senses has allowed for me to smell even more delicate aromas than before I dropped the love potions. My sniffer’s so sensitive that this past week, I was able to smell cigarette smoke from another car, while we waited for the light to turn green… and all my windows were up. (I’ve also got a tank of a car for tight closure.) I honestly should have never smelled the other person’s cigarette smoke. Imagine, then, the person who just bathed in cologne standing next to me at a tasting. I’m over the edge before I even begin… And so are many, many others.

Consider, when you’re going to be wine tasting, that the more aromas you’re wearing, the less you’re really going to smell and taste wine. You’ll greatly benefit, as will those around you, if you hold off the perfume for the most romantic part of your day… An evening soiree with someone you love… after you’ve had your candlelight food and wine dinner.

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2 Responses to “Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ Please Save Your Perfume for More Romantic Times”

  1. Sal says:

    Very appropriate, this evening I am having 30+ people tasting wine at our boutique winery.
    I too can smell the awful exhaust from somebody else’s mouth even if they are in an adjacent car or walking by. As for wearing perfume while wine tasting, I jokingly tell some of the people that bathe themselves with enhancements; to try to pair the chemicals to the wine style, otherwise, they will ruin it for themselves and others.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Jo Diaz says:


    Thanks for reinforcing. I was guilty, before I knew, so no harm | no foul, just the facts….

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