Imagine getting a press release from a huge PR firm in New York City, and the title of the person contacting me is Manager, Social Media and ePR. What a great title, huh?

I get queries all the time now, from one firm or another, coming out of big cities.

  • Most of the people behind the wheel are asleep, I’m sorry to say.
  • The amount of unfocused Emails are significant enough that I finally wrote and published ~ Swimming in a Sea of Queries.
  • This way, I can give some reading material back to them. It’s only good turn-about fair play, I’m thinking.

In a recent interview, between Josh Zelman and Gary Vee, entitled, Gary Vaynerchuk: “99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns” (TCTV), Gary said what I came away from this latest E-Mail thinking, as well as the second query… following this one.

The following are two classic examples of what made Gary Vaynerchuk make the statement he made about “social media experts” leaving a lot to be desired.


Okay, so this is what I did that’s pretty naughty, just to test the waters to see if the person querying me had any understanding at all about what’s going on.

What this person wanted me to write about is a winery’s wine pairing with a restaurant for a tasting. Earth shattering? No, not so much. I’m writing my journal about being in the wine business, and this is going on everyday, isn’t it? How does it connect to Wine Blog?

So, anyway… This is what I was asked to do. “Please share the news about… with your readers on Wine Miles.”

Wine Miles???

Well, I had a good chuckle. Wine Miles is an aggregator. The site takes content from people’s blogs and publishes it like we’re all their authors. They’ll gladly take anyone down if requested; but for now, I don’t care. People are reading my stories in more than one place (obviously). I’m okay with that. The crux of this request to have it placed on Wine Miles is the ridiculous part. This person assumed that I’m with Wine Miles, not with Wine Blog.

So, I wrote back, “Wine Miles aggregates me. I have no control whether or not they’ll grab info from wine-blog.”

The reply back to me was, “I understand. Thanks for letting me know!”

Oh, boy… This is a Manager, Social Media and ePR person. Shouldn’t this person – manager, no less – understand what being aggregated means? Shouldn’t this person have then said, “Oh, my bad… Could you please put it up on Wine Blog?

That’s what I would have done, because I’ve been at Social Media since it began. My blog was up in 2005.

What is the most amazing thing to me is this… Big wine companies will hire someone from outside of the wine business to do their work. If the firm is based in New York, LA, or Chicago, they must be better at what they’re doing than people who live in wine country, do the sames jobs, and are more deeply connected to it all, right? And they get charged a whole lot more money to have someone making these kinds of mistakes everyday. It must be great to have that much money to burn.

It’s laughable, if we’re to believe Gary Vee’s statement that 99.5 percent of social media experts are clowns… That’s a lot of clowns and I’m so laughing right now because it truly is a great joke on these companies hiring their social media experts.


I was asked by another social media group to write copy for one of my past clients. The past client told me that they didn’t need me anymore, because “…we have enough publicity.” That’s a great statement, to have arrived like that, isn’t it? I did a great job for them, but I knew that, because they really did get so much publicity that they needed to catch their breath.

Then… they decided to go in another direction. That happens a lot.. get new blood, new perspective, etc. The one missing link is that the media people have to be re-cultured and may not care as much. There’s so much new news out there, it’s hard to rehash something they’ve done a lot in the past. It’s just the nature of the story writing process.

So, this company hired a social media group. This new company Emailed me, asking if I’d write copy, not knowing that I’ve worked with the people who have hired them to write their social media copy, so they can get publicity. If they had dug around on my site, they would have seen the relationship. Embarrassed, they silently slid back into the night.

Can you follow all of this? I barely can.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here just journaling my wine experiences, the good, the bad, and the ridiculous, and having a great laugh.