About Evan Goldstein:

Master Sommelier, Full Circle Wine Solutions, San Francisco, CA ~ President and Chief Education Officer…

Evan is the author of Five Star Service: Your Guide to Hospitality Excellence (On Premise Communications Inc.) and the critically acclaimed Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food (University of California Press). His sequel wine and food book for the University of California Press, Daring Pairings, was released in 2010.

Evan’s food and wine career started in the renowned kitchens of Paris and California. In 1984 he joined his mother, Chef and Author Joyce Goldstein, in opening the celebrated San Francisco restaurant Square One. In 1987 he became the eighth American and youngest ever at the time to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier examination. Since 1990 Evan has created wine education programs and service hospitality schools with Seagram Chateau & Estates Wines Company, Diageo, Allied Domecq, and most recently, as the Vice President of Global Wine & Brand Education at Beam Wine Estates. In addition, Evan continues to train and examine candidates for the Court of Master Sommeliers as a Founding Board member.

Evan is a regular editorial contributor to Americas Sante magazine, Wine & Dine and Indulgence magazines in Singapore, and is the American correspondent for South Korea’s Wine Review magazine. Evan is a recurring guest wine expert on NBC’s syndicated television show ‘In Wine Country,’ San Francisco’s top-rated ‘Ronn Owens’ Show’ on KGO Radio and on Saturday morning television’s KPIX ‘Eyewitness News.’

Evan is such a great resource. When I realized that he was the person presenting at the ViniPortugal seminars, I was thrilled. After the event he told me that it’s always nice to see a familiar colleague’s face in his audience, while I was thinking the same thing about him in the reverse… It’s always a treat to listen to someone whom I know discussing wine. Honestly, as much as Evan and I have been in each others’ company, I’ve never enjoyed him in his wine educator’s role before.

I can tell you this… I’m ready to sit myself right back down again, no matter what the topic, when Evan’s presenting. He’s fun and scholarly, without intimidation or pomposity. Anyone who knows anything about education will tell you that when learning is fun, your chances of absorbing more just greatly increased.

Evan’s exceptional. He’s also fast and furious with his info, because he’s so prepared.

He gave an amazing presentation; after which, I heard many people ask for his PowerPoint. Didn’t they take notes?

Here are few nuggets of wisdom from Evan Goldstein’s about Portuguese wines from the following sources:

  1. Power Point
  2. Perspectives of Portugal, Evan’s introduction

Portugal Rocks!

  • A blend of long history, classic grapes and modern winemaking to create truly exciting Iberian gems
  • Uniqueness in an increasing world of enological homogeneity
  • Value for what you get in the bottle for the money
  • Nice to support nice people!
  • Portugal is 575 miles long and 138 miles wide.
    • It’s roughly the size of Indiana
  • It has the eighth largest vineyard acreage in the world, with more than 500,000 acres
    • US is sixth largest nation
  • Portuguese exports to the US
    • 7th largest exporter to USA
    • Exports are growing at a staggering 34.7 percent
    • Red wine exports to US are up to 126.4 percent in the last three years
  • Portugal has it all, and is worthy of your attention:
    • Alentejo ~ Rustic and pastoral eastern interior
    • Algarve ~ Sandy, picturesque beaches of the southern most region
    • Upper Douro ~ Dizzying landscapes travel up mountainsides


Portugal has three key attributes that are desirable in today’s market place

  1. Discovery
    • New and different grapes that play well to Americans’ increased comfort with and curiosity about, new flavors and tastes…
  2. Range
    • From crisp, bright whites of Vinho Verde, to the refreshing sparkling wines of Bairrada, and from the rich rustic red wins of the Alentejo, to the powerful and  complex bottlings from the Douro… Portugal has it all.
  3. Value
    • For the money, Portugal remains one of the lone countries in Western Europe that offers the best quality-to-price ratio with delicious wines that deliver more than expected, from everyday wines to ultra premium ones.

Alentejo is All About Value, Regional Wines

  • Alentejo wines are the most popular wines with the Portuguese
  • Approximately 50 percent of domestic wine sales
  • Almost all red (soooo hot in summer)!
  • Known for ease of drink and generosity DOP wines use only with permitted grapes
  • VR wines made with almost no restrictions
  • Alentejo is about half of the southeastern part of the country and 30 percent of Portugal’s total land mass
  • Region is the epicenter of modernization There are eight subzones
    1. Moura
    2. Granja-Amareleja
    3. Évora
    4. Vidigueira
    5. Reguengos
    6. Redondo
    7. Borba
    8. Portalegre

There’s so much to learn about Portuguese wines, and every new bit of geography and history intrigues me as much as the wines do.


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