Putting on a wine event for PS I Love You, I’m in awe of anything bigger and more complicated than Dark & Delicious. I know it takes us a half year to pull off our 50 wineries with 30 foodies. How someone can direct anything like the LA Wine Fest is beyond my comprehension… The details alone are so substantive. The logistics, the sponsors, the seminars… It’s a full time job for the year, and the staff has one function… to put it on, I’m sure, with as few glitches as possible.

I’m so impressed with the organization of this event, based on the query I received from Justin Olsen, so I’m putting out there for everyone in the wine business to consider, on the participation level.

If you’re a vintner, heads up… Los Angeles consumes more wine than any other US City; yes, more than New York. This should be a major target market for you, if you’ve got a wholesaler in Southern California.

Saturday, June 11 • 2-6pm
Sunday, June 12 • 12noon – 6pm

The brains behind the event… President and CEO of the LA WineFest is Joel M. Fisher, PhD.

Joel has an impressive career, and has made this an important project. He writes for the Culinary Connection of the Chefs de Cuisine Association of California, the Beverly Hills Courier, and for the Underground Wine Letter. From 2007 to 2009 he taught at Cordon Bleu in Pasadena. Prior to that, he was the wine instructor for the Culinary Arts Department of the Art Institute of California — Los Angeles, for seven years, and is a founding partner of the educational Wine Vine and Dine, which conducts programs throughout Southern California and WineDiscoveries.Net. A Sommelier for the Escoffier Association of Southern California, Joel’s also a member of The Tasting Panel (formerly the Bon Appetit Tasting Panel) and is a wine host for CRN’s What’s Cooking show. He’s a member of the Society of Wine Educators, The Circle of Wine Writers (UK), and the International Federation of Wine and Spirits Writers. Awarded a Wine Enthusiast Media Scholarship for 2005 at the Culinary Institute of America, he is the author of the Wine Work Book, now in its sixth edition. Dr. Fisher co-led a program for chefs and culinary students to the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany and to wineries in Burgundy and Champagne in 2005. In June 2006 he again led a program, “Wine and Cuisine of Iberia,” to Spain and Portugal. Future programs to wine regions are in the works.

I’m including the demographics, and you can decide.

Now, if you’re a consumer, how fun is a wine tasting in a Hollywood studio?

With more than 150 wine, beer, and spirits brands represented, at one of Hollywood’s most historic film studios, I get why over 5,500 people show up for this food and beverage event. Their new charity partner is Make a Wish Foundation. They’ve got VIP preview tastings at partner hotels and restaurants. There is an expanded educational focus with more seminars, classes, and tastings, and an optional VIP room. Sounds like lots of delicious fun to me.





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