is a blog posting to store the following information. I’ve had to simply. Incoming Emails have become overwhelming, and my day job workload is very heavy right now.

I don’t enjoy simply deleting Emails from people who have taken the time to research and write to me. I value that process and their time, too.

Below is my message:

Thank you for contacting me.

I simply can’t take on anything else at this time, besides what I’ve promised to write on the blog and my clients’ needs. This is not to under value your story in anyway. I just need to write this once more, and store it…

Please check back with me from time to time, because you never know when something is inspirational and the timing is just right.

If you’re an exchange student and doing a internship for a wine company, who would like to set up business in California (mainly in the bay area)… and… you’re looking for a local distributor, please read anything on my blog about wine importers,. You’ll begin your journey. Sorry, I can’t possibly condense nearly two years of experience into one quick Email or blog posting.

If you want to write for Wineblog, I have to preface this with the fact that I’m currently asked, at least once or twice a week, to have someone else be a guest writer on this wine blog. Well, I tried it and it didn’t work… Not because of the content, because I had to believe in the authors’ worthiness, so it made it through that filter. But, I honestly think that I learned that people were actually reading this blog to see what I was up to; otherwise, why did people reading this blog take a huge tumble in no time at all, and then came back up – ever so slowly – once I was back to writing five days a week?

If you’re having a sale on your wine, how about Facebook and Twitter? You fans will love it. I’ve written over 1,000 blog stories, and not one story is about a wine sale.

If you’re retailer, it’s impossible for me to keep up with all retail outlets that are querying me. (It’s so massive.) What I’ll do is save your Email, and if I need a retail expert, I’ll come back to you, okay?

If you got a gold medal, and you’re writing to tell me about it. Congratulations!

I don’t write about gold medals, because everyone eventually gets one. May I suggest that you make sure to contact, because that site is dedicated to gold medals.

If you have an event, I usually write about the ones I will or have attended.

May I suggest, if you’ve not been there yet.

For now, I wish you well with your wine, your story, and/or your upcoming event.

Most of all, though, I appreciate you thinking of me.

Best wishes and have a fun day,


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