This two-day, immersion course is taught by Clark Smith of Grape Craft Wines.

From personal experience:

Clark is one of the most brilliant winemakers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing in the last 18 years of my professional wine career. Several times he’s been a guest speaker at the annual Petite Sirah Symposium that I’ve organized; it’s sponsored and presented by Concannon Vineyard . This past February, it was Clark who accompanied me to St. Charles, Missouri (just outside of St. Louis), as we led a Petite Sirah panel at the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference. When Clark speaks, he captivates audiences with compelling information that he’s learned and personally used over time. Clark is exceptional and will fast forward anyone’s knowledge.

From Clark Smith, the educator for this two-day, weekend course in Santa Rosa, California:

Dear Colleague,

I think it was in “Total Recall,” Schwarzenegger inserts a chip into his brain and suddenly knows how to fly a helicopter. My course does its best to be a sort of Winemaker chip – a Davis education, plus the Postmodern rebuttal, jam-packed into one weekend.

I designed this course for rank-and-file professionals in the wine industry who would like to understand more about the product they love and work with.

I invite you to spend a weekend with me exploring what wine really is and effective ways of working with it.”


The Orchard
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Saturday, March 26 &
Sunday, March 27, 2011
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT

Offered from 1986-2008 at UC Davis as an extension short course, this class has consistently received top evaluations from over 3,000 attendees. Its original intention, to summarize the basics of a U.C. Davis Enology education, is now supplemented by emerging postmodern winemaking ideas. Designed to benefit the home winemaker as well as professionals at all levels, the course requires a general knowledge of winemaking basics, but does not demand a formal knowledge of chemistry.

This popular two-day program provides insights into the interplay of chemical reactions that occur in wine and in winemaking, establishing the necessary background for informed decisions on wine processing. This is a course in winemaking theory and practice, and does not provide training in methods of wine analysis.

On the first day, you’ll examine the basics about acids (pH vs. TA: an introduction to chemical equilibrium), sulfur dioxide in wine (a case study in wine chemistry), crush chemistry techniques, fining, and spoilage treatment choices.

On the second day, you’ll delve into wine’s phenolic structure and reductive properties, explore vine balance, ripeness, fermentation strategies, oxygenation, uses of oak, microbial stabilization strategies, and fine-tuning for soulfulness and graceful longevity.

The course is taught in an interactive format in which questions and comments are welcomed and real world dilemmas are explored. Bring a sack lunch to each session as well as any wine you would like to share. Participants must be 21 years of age or older.

To request more information about the course, email, or call The Orchard at (707) 542-7745.

Endorsement about Clark Smith’s talents for teaching
by Dr. Stephen Krebs, Dean of Viticulture & Winery Technology
Napa Valley College

Over my many years as a wine industry professional I have worked with innumerable master winemakers, but Clark Smith truly stands above them all. He possesses the most comprehensive understanding of the complexities of wine of anyone I’ve ever known in the business, and his ability to communicate his knowledge to his clients and his students is unparalleled.

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