I was just reminded of this with a comment on one of my blog postings. The story is called, Viticulture in Astrological Cycles ~ What Once Was, Cycles Back as a “Biodynamic”

Since I wrote that one, Stu Smith of Biodynamics is a Hoax has taught me that Biodynamics actually began in 1924, when Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner gave a series of lectures on his beliefs. So, this movement with rituals of preparing very specific fertilizers for growing fruits and vegetables wasn’t started by Native Americans. It’s only been around since 1924. Rituals for growing, however, have been around as long as man and woman were able to grow anything. There’s magic in the beginning and living of all life; otherwise, we’d not be telling our children about Santa Claus.

Here’s what my reader Katie wrote to me:

OK, I’m on board with honor and care for the land. I can live with “pay attention to natural cycles”. I even get that, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth …. than are dreamt of in your ‘philosophy’.” All that being said, however, if you’re going to suggest a mechanism for how all this functions, gravity of constellations doesn’t cut it for me. Sorry. Sun, Moon, even local planets — maybe. Constellations? No way, Jose.

I’ll stipulate, for the sake of argument, that *maybe* the position of a certain planet in a particular constellation might be a way of describing the position that determines the influence of a planet. The biggest trouble is that the stars in the constellations are so separated from each other, and so distant that any gravitational force the earth feels from them is vanishingly small. Any force your vines feel from them is so dwarfed by the earth’s own gravity that it might as well not be there. I’m not arguing that the method doesn’t work; I haven’t studied it enough to know for sure. My main “heartburn” is with your explanation.

Poor dear. I gave her heartburn.

That’s the last thing on my mind when I journal my thoughts of my life experiences and observations. So I wrote back to her about gravitational pulls, and then I also slept on it. Today I’m writing more about it here, because I’ve had an even greater epiphany. I always use the forces of the moon as evidence to talk about how these gravitational forces work… But, all these years I’ve missed the biggest, most obvious one… THE SUN! The sun, the sun… You’ve got to imagine me singing right now… “The Sun!” Every single day, for 365 days in the year, our planet is affected by our sun… besides the moon and all the other planets. Our own microcosm (our bodies) are only a piece of the greater whole, the constellations.

If our solar system is so interconnected, how could the other systems out there also not, too, be interconnected? I know that this is really big picture, but that’s how I roll. And, that’s how new concepts are born, then proven, then just become mainstream thinking… Like gravity; or the earth is round, not square.

Now, for the other planets and what they affect… Years ago, before astronomy, there was astrology, as the first “Gods” of the world, before man invented his own gods to help keep people on the straight and narrow for morals and ethics. Cave people would look to the heavens at night, and realized that it was the same each night with a simple twist of the earth’s axis. Let’s face it… they didn’t have TVs. They had to watch something, and it was only the night sky that had any illumination. They HAD to look at the sky, and the most ingenious among them began to study it because they couldn’t see much else in the dark… Most especially before fire was invented.

Back to now…

Biodynamics… It seems to really rub those among us in the most “wrong” way who are the most scientific… And their major rub is the burying of the cow’s horn, it appears. The practice in question is the wine grape grower burying a cow’s horn with ground quartz inside of it, before sprinkling it on the vines.

From Sustainable Table:

Otherwise known as Preparation 500 to Biodynamic farmers worldwide, manure–filled cows’ horns are buried on the autumnal equinox and carefully unearthed exactly six months later on the spring equinox, the first day of spring. The manure is removed and stirred with water in a process called “dynamization”, which creates a vortex that cosmic energy can be funneled into. The homemade brew is then sprayed upon the fields to stimulate the soil, promote root activity and contribute to good bacteria growth.

A great Website for watching how angry people become with Biodynamics is Biodynamics is a Hoax. Stu Smith (mentioned above) is the author. He’s very well educated. (Stuart is a veteran winegrower of forty years. He was schooled in the sciences while working on his master’s degree at U.C. Davis in Viticulture and Enology. His course work included basic chemistry, inorganic, organic and bio-chemistry, bacteriology, biology, plant propagation along with the specialized courses unique to the Viticulture and Enology Department.) His biography goes on and on with serious credentials. I admire him in this regard.

He writes:

Contrast that to Biodynamics. Can someone show me the rigorous peer reviewed research that demonstrates burying a cow horn transmits cosmic energy into the earth? Have others successfully reproduced that (non-existent) research? Yeah, I’m still waiting too.

There it is… prove it to me scientifically.

So here’s my getting to the bottom of all of this.

Prove to me there is a god… for any of the various religions that have cropped up over the last 6,000,000 years of man and woman’s existence. We can’t see it, we can’t feel it, but we still go through rituals of turning bread and water into Christ’s body and blood – symbolically – once a week in Catholic churches, for instance. I can only cite that one, as I was raised in a Catholic family. The burning of incense to cast away evil spirits in other religions…. How about that one?

I dare think, based on the “prove it or lose it” beliefs that people with scientific minds have, that they would also be atheists or an agnostics… And that’s okay. We can’t give them a god in person, so how could they possibly exist?

The most wonderful thing about existential thoughts is simply this… There’s room for us all, or we’d be falling off the planet.

Go bury your horn, if it’s supposed to bring you the gifts of a great harvest. It’s better than just playing violent video games with your life. And I’ll cherish what you believe in, because you’re entitled. I wonder how my vines would do if I get myself a cow’s horn. I couldn’t handle having the horn. (I was a vegetarian for a few years of my life, and still can’t eat eggs.) Nope, you do it and I’ll drink your wine. Here’s to all of you, with or without the horn. That’s why there’s salt, and that’s why there’s pepper.

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