In keeping up with telling you that PS I Love You is completely grassroots, and the only way we survive is through those wine companies that support our every effort, I thought sharing this with you gives you a real bird’s eye view into the workings of an advocacy group.

The greatest reason is that you might see something here that’s really worth your while, and you might join us.  The excitement for this coming Friday night is building, and this surely is part of it. To purchase tickets, just click here.

The next reason is that the wineries that support the collective marketing efforts on behalf of Petite Sirah deserve every single mention I can give them. I am so devoted to their companies, because they are run by real people who care about every aspect of the wine business… including the handcrafting of their wines at every possible turn.

As I’ve told my wineries’ contacts… with the following items, if we were to come even close to suggested retail for their donations, PSILY is able to operate for about two of the remainder 10 months of this year. That’s substantial for the group’s efforts and dedication.

These are some of the best of the best Pets, and I’m here to toot their horn.


  • One (1) bottle 2007 Artezin Petite Sirah
  • One (1) bottle 2007 Artezin Carignan
  • One (1) bottle 2008 Charbono
  • One (1) bottle of 2009 Artezin Zinfandel
  • One (1) Artezin Shirt & One (1) Artezin Hat

Artezin prides itself on producing heritage varieties, such as Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. ($145)


  • One (1) 3-Liter Etched bottle of 2008 Ballentine Petite Sirah

Artisan vintner family of Napa Valley, and PS I Love You Founder’s Award recipient, the Betty and Van Ballentine have long grown and produce a Napa Valley Petite Sirah. ($300)


  • One (1) 3-Liter of 2008 Bogle Petite Sirah

First produced by the Bogle family in 1978, Petite Sirah is today considered Bogle’s “heritage” variety. Overwhelming notes of rip summer berries resonate from the glass, before you can even pick it up. ($75)


  • Vertical of Petite Sirah

Enjoy this Phantom vertical from Bogle Vineyards’ very own wine library, encompassing Reserve bottles of Bogle’s “Heritage” variety. Enclosed are five vintages: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. Bottles are housed in a lovely, wooden Bogle box. (Bogle Phantom is a blend of Petite Sirah, Old Vine Zinfandel and Old Vine Mourvedre.) ($200)


  • One Case of 2009 Line 39 Petite Sirah

One  case (12 bottles) of 2009 Line 39 Petite Sirah North Coast. Awarded 87 points –  Extreme Value Wine Spectator and 88 points – Best Buy, by the Beverage Tasting Institute ($120)


  • One (1) 3-Liter of the 2006 Clayhouse Estate Petite Sirah
  • GOLD, Best of Class:  Los Angeles County Fair
  • GOLD, Wine-of-the-Year:  Critics Challenge
  • GOLD, Riverside Wine Competition, CA State Fair, Orange County Fair, Mid State Fair ($500)


  • ONE (1) 1.5 Magnum of 2005 Reserve Petite Sirah

This magnum of Cleavage Creek is from the reserves wines of Cleavage Creek. ($100)


  • ONE (1) 3-Liter of 2004 Heritage Petite Sirah

This 3-L bottle 2004 Heritage PS is signed by both John and Jim Concannon.Concannon was the first winery in the world to varietally label Petite Sirah. Jim Concannon was the first to do so, as a third generation vintner. His son John now joins Jim at the winery as a fourth generation vintner, and is the current President of PS I Love You as industry leaders. ($250)


  • One (1) bottle 2008 DRV Petite Sirah
  • One (1) bottle 2007 DRV Aspects
  • One (1) bottle 2007 DRV Cabernet Franc

2008 DRV Petite Sirah ~ GOLD MEDAL ~ 2010 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition
2007 DRV Aspects ~ GOLD MEDAL ~ 2010 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition
2007 Diamond Rideg Vineyards ~ EXCEPTIONAL – Dan Berger’s Vintage Experiences ($70)


  • One Year Club Membership [Two (2) Shipments of six (6) bottles Two (2) Times a Year]

Premium boutique Rhone wines: Petite Sirah, Syrah, Viognier, Two (2) excellent blends of Stargazer & Moondancer ($350)


  • Two (2) bottles of 1998 Teldeschi Dry Creek Valley Petite Sirah

Dark purple in the glass, surprisingly soft on the palate. Fruit and earthiness come together magically in this wine. Firm tannins promote the smooth round mouth-feel and support a long finish. 13.8% Alcohol. Retail $32.00/bottle, Wine Club $24.00. ($64)


  • Four (4) bottles of Field Stone Petite Sirah, including “Decade of Library Wines”

A taste of history in Alexander Valley. The wines have been selected by Vintner John Staten especially for PS I Love You. These are the vintages: 1978, 1988, 1998, and 2008. ($300)


  • One (1) 3-Liter 2003 Petite Sirah Estate Reserve

As industry leaders of Petite Sirah, Foppiano proudly presents a 3-liter bottle of Foppiano Vineyards 2003 Petite Sirah Estate Reserve. Made from head-trained vines planted in 1991, this full-bodied wine is elegant, concentrated and silky, bursting with luscious black cherry and sweet cassis. On the finish, you’ll find earthy cedar, leather and mint. Undoubtedly, the 2003 Petite Sirah Reserve will continue to age gracefully. ($265)


  • Petite Sirah Vertical ~ First Ever
  • One (1) bottle 2006 Petite Sirah from Library Collection
  • One (1) bottle 2007 Harney Lane PS
  • One (1) 2008 Harney Lane PS

At Harney Lane Winery, we celebrate our family’s rich history in farming as the basis for our vision of the future. Since 1907, we’ve been proud stewards of the land, farming vineyards on Harney Lane and surrounding areas. Today, we are thrilled to develop our talents in winemaking, bringing you exceptional handcrafted estate wines from those vineyards. ($75.00)


  • 3-Liter of 2005 Mettler Family Vineyards Petite Sirah

Enjoy this 3L bottle of Mettler 2005 Petite Sirah! It has been the recipient of over Nine Gold Medals, the most recent being awarded the Class Champion and Double Gold at the prestigious Houston Live stock show and rodeo competition. One of the top performing Petite Sirahs in the US, according to the California Grapevine! This beautiful bottle is signed by the Mettler family and would make a amazing addition to your cellar. ($200)


  • 3-Liter of 2008 Earthquake Petite Sirah

Artisan crafted with big, ripe dark berries leave a hint of sweetness with overtones of chocolate and tobacco. ($300)


  • Three (3) 750ml bottles of 2008 MIRO Cellars Petite Sirah, Rockpile Appellation
  • Three (3) bottles of 2008 MIRO Cellars Petite Sirah, Dry Creek Valley

This MIRO Cellars Petite is an artisan wine, crafted by one of the finest, high scoring winemakers in California. There were only 42 cases of this vintage from Rockpile produced, and about 200 of the Dry Creek-ultra small and delicious bottling. ($160)


  • One (1) 1.5 Magnum of 2008 Estate Mounts Family Winery Petite Sirah

Mounts Family Winery produces estate wines. From vine to wine, this is an artisan Petite Sirah, handcrafted micro production, by proprietor David Mounts. The bottle is waxed, labeled, and in a wooden box. ($85)


  • Two Bottles of Nottingham Petite Sirah Reserve

Artisan crafted, two (2) bottles of our 2008 Petite Sirah Reserve, a great opportunity for easy bidding. ($72)


  • VIP TASTING for a party of six (6) at Nottingham Cellars #1 of 2

The cellar tasting includes a barrel tasting. By appointment only. Please call 925-294-8647 to set up. ($120)


  • VIP TASTING for a party of six (6) at Nottingham Cellars #2 of 2

The cellar tasting includes a barrel tasting. By appointment only. Please call 925-294-8647 to set up. ($120)


  • 2008 R&B Cellars Pizzacato Petite Sirah

Dark, powerfully flavored, and intense, this Petite has an explosion of flavors with hints of blueberry, black currant, and dark plum tones that match beautifully with French oak notes of chocolate and exotic spice. Pizzacato = lots of “pluck,” so get ready! ($28)


  • An Etched and Painted Magnum of Royal Punisher

This magnum of Royal Punisher Petite Sirah is from the Robert Biale Vineyards, signed by partners Dave Pramuk and Bob Biale. ($200)


  • 1.5 Liter bottle Robert Foley Vineyards Petite Sirah “Pepperland”

Named for its generous offering of crushed white pepper, briar, and ripe berry notes, Pepperland is big on the palate. The mountain fruit acidity imparts an elegance of balance for such a big wine, and assures a fine complement to game, pork, and pasta. ($130)


  • One 1.5 Liter ~ 2008 Stanton Vineyards Petite Sirah

From Doug Stanton: “This is the first time I’ve ever produced magnums of Petite Sirah. Only 36 bottles were produced of this vintage. ($100)


  • One (1) 3-Liter bottle of 2006 La Storia Petite Sirah

Artisan crafted, one of only 18 bottles made. Real Gold ~ inside and out! ($150)


  • Mini Vertical Private Tour & Tasting (Including Barrel Tasting)

One (1) 750 ml bottle each, 2006 and 2007 Guarino Vineyard Petite Sirah, Calistoga (our only two vintages to date). This also includes a certificate for four (4) people to visit Tres Sabores for a private, complimentary tour and tasting. This includes a barrel tasting session, featuring our next vintage of PS—the 2009. ($200)


  • Six (6) Bottles of 2007 & 2008 Petite Sirahs

A TRIO of Petite Sirah from Vina Robles: Decorative wooden box includes two bottles each: 2007 Fore Petite Sirah, Petite Sirah Creston Valley, and 2008 Petite Sirah Jardine. ($250)


  • One (1) case of Wilson Vineyards Petite Sirah + Lunch at “Al-The-Wop’s”

Lunch at Al-The-Wop’s” is in the historical town of Locke in the Delta. Winning bidder will experience a full day of “life of a vineyard farmer from Clarksburg” w/ Ken Wilson. ($350)


  • Metal Imaginations Bottle Holder

A fisherman is holding this bottle of Marr’s Handcrafted 2006 Cuvee Patrick Petite Sirah ~ For the angler in your life. ($100)

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