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The Dethroning of Our Robert Parker Emperor? I Think Not.

Robert Parker is taking a lateral step forward…

How exciting for him!

I heard a wise man once say, “I want my employees to want my job. This way, the legacy continues.” I feel the same way. Am I doing all that I’m doing to only have it all fall away to nothingness? Maybe in 100 years from now, but I totally wish that those who are now supporting me will have some kind of support/future the day I drop dead. I know I’m going to some day, and leaving my support team in good shape to have a future is part of my daily exercise. I believe Robert Parker is on the same path, and to him, I raise my glass.

Bob Parker is handing over some of his writing assignments to those he has been grooming to follow in his footsteps. I think that’s just so cool.

From his e-mail sent to subscribers of the Wine Advocate:

Dear eRobertParker.com Subscriber:

I am thrilled to announce that Antonio Galloni will have expanded responsibilities for The Wine Advocate and http://www.eRobertParker.com as of February 1, 2011.

Good luck Bob with your lateral move forward. It’s smashing! Who wouldn’t love to head toward reporting what wines have been doing in the bottle over the last 20 or so years. God bless you. A new niche! I love it… it’s so fabulous.

Nobody else can do it, either. That’s the great part of aging well… He’s got stuff around him that those who would wish they had the ingenuity to find this innovate twist just don’t have the supplies on hand.

It doesn’t matter one hoot what anyone says or thinks… And, they’re saying a lot and doing a lot of navel meditating with this new twist in Parker’s wine career.

All I know is, a hero for so many – yes, there are many who have made a fortune based on what Robert Parker has said and done with his thinking – is well on his way to writing a new chapter… Perhaps even a book… Aha!

Perhaps the Emperor does have his new clothes on this time around.

As I said, best wishes…

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  1. Steve says:

    San Diego State University also offers an outstanding Business of Wine certificate program. The next class “Exploring Wine” starts Tuesday, Feb. 15 and is taught by advanced sommelier Lisa Redwine (yes, that’s her real name):


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