What it takes to develop the craft:

  1. Excellent oral communicator
    • Both oral and written.
  2. Love to read, learn, and listen
  3. A writer’s writer
    • Otherwise, how are you going to get the attention of any professional writers?
  4. Personable
    • Because it’s all about sincerely making new friends, and keeping them.
  5. Well versed in psychology
    • Make sure that body language is included in one of your psyche classes.
    • The psychology of interpersonal relationships is another great one.
  6. Good speech writer
    • You’ll be writing plenty of talking points for others (whom you’ll also set up).
  7. Good speech deliverer
    • You’ll be called upon, occasionally.
  8. Naturally curious
    • Because you’re going to be on a constant learning curve.
  9. Photographer
    1. Or, know how to hire a good one.
  10. Determination
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