Tis the season to celebrate heritage, and what better way for the days of Hanukkah than to enjoy it with a glass of wine produced by someone of this culture?

If this is not your cultural heritage, you’re still invited to toast the season on behalf of your Jewish relatives and/or friends. Personally, I have had three people of Jewish heritage enter my family through marriage, and each one is very dear and has added something very substantive to my life. This is a special time of year when our cultures intermingle, so I can’t help but reflect on everyone’s joys of this month of seasonal and ethnic celebrations.

There’s always so much ado about Christmas that other cultures seem to take a back seat to the marketing of Santa Claus, Black Friday shopping, and everything tied up with a red velvet bow. (This almost makes me wonder if it’s we who were born to Christian families that are by nature conspicuous consumers, and that’s what drives Madison Avenue? Hum…)

With Hanukkah already underway, I continue to think about my Jewish family and friends.

The following is short list of wines produced by Jewish vintners in California, and it’s time for me to purchase at least one bottle to celebrate these magical days.

The world list is daunting, so I’m providing a link for those who are curious to see how much wine is produced by Jewish vintners.

  • Jewish Wines ~ Kosher Wines (By country of origin and by cultivar)

The list of California vintners that I’ve gathered (with the help of others):

Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!

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