While it may be too late to purchase any of these bags for Thanksgiving, I know what many of you are going to be doing the day after Thanksgiving. Have I got some bags for you that will make your gifts of wine so easily and amazingly packaged.

I was asked by Marisa China of Bella Vita Bags if I’d like to sample some of her products. “Sure… I’m open,” I said. Why not? I figured a bag or two would be fun to explore.

Santa Clause arrived with a bag full of bags, though, leaving me feeling like the best equipped bag lady on the block. I spread them out like a fan, so I could grasp what just happened.

My son-in-law Heath constantly takes the little wire rack on a Champagne bottle each time we celebrate with bubbly, and creates little chairs. If I had saved them over the years, we’d have enough for a Grange meeting of little people. You know what is going to be covering his bag of wine this year.

The plastic bags (with the liquid filling) are going to be saved for when we’ve been invited to a friend’s for dinner. Not only will I be able to bring a bottle of white or bubbly that’s been kept chilled for the drive, but I’ll also leave the bag behind as an added feature for the hosts. I doubt my friends will regift this one.

On second thought, I think I’m going to keep the second one for next summer’s beach days. I’ll just have to remind myself to take off enough time to get to the beach. I get crazy busy, and don’t take time away from this desk often enough. I love writing… What can I say?

You can get really fancy schmancy with the one that looks like a clutch bag. This one is very durable, and can honestly be used as a purse. It’s even got a pocket for a cork pull (lipstick) and a zippered insert for a Blackberry or iPhone.

I was sent these bags so I’d know more about the company. A tag on the clutch bag reads:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Eco – Friendly packaging since 2001
    • Editor’s notes: Burlap bag is a testament to that one.
  • Unique designs and materials
    • Burlap, the clutch, the one with holly leaves and berries is very sturdy, and also includes a pocket for cork pull and accompanying name tag for writing to whom the package is for
    • The CHILL gift bag is touted as functional, unique, and cosmopolitan. I’ll go along with that. You simply place your bag in the freezer, and it turns into an instant cooler.
  • Durable Packaging to be trusted with your finest gifts
    • No kidding.
  • Over 250 wine and gourmet designs
    • I was sent 10 unique designs… and there’s 240 more?!
    • Many are wine themed, but there are also holiday ones, foodie one, celebratory ones (like the tuxedo bag)

All I know is that this is going to be a fun gift giving season for me, gratis Bella Vita Bags.

If you’re giving a special bottle of wine (or two) to a really special person this holiday season, wrapping your gift has never been easier… Imagine!

  • All you have to do it put it into the bag…
    • no paper
    • no scotch tape
    • no ribbons
    • no bows
  • And they can be reused and/or regifted over-and-over again.

If I get lucky, I’ll get one back again!

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