We’ve managed to sell out this event, since the beginning of it in February of 2007. Kent Rosenblum, sitting on the PSILY board of directors, suggested that we do  something similar to ZAP’s good eats… He was also a member of their board at the time and knew the ropes. Kent was also very aware of the successes a non-profit wine group has with consumer events, for building varietal awareness. Kent offered Rosenblum Cellars as a place to hold it, and we were off and running.

Kent Rosenblum, by the way, is a brilliant marketer. He was the first person to believe that Petite Sirah needed an advocacy group, sending the first check that allowed a Website to be built; financially launching the dream. He’s carried that same passion to Rock Wall Wine Company.

We’ve always had this event around Valentines Day, for the obvious PS I Love You reasons. This coming year, it’s February 18. We’re still associated with Kent Rosenblum with this one, holding it at his new company, called Rock Wall Wine Company. Everything Kent touches turns to gold, it seems, so his new company is mushrooming, too. I know someday we’ll outgrow the venue, but we are giving it one more try this year.

  • Our first year, his company walls were bare, and we had so much room you could bring an airplane into that old airplane hanger.
  • The next year (last year), the walls had begun to come in, based on the new companies emerging under his roof.
  • This year, we’ve lost even more floor space, but we’re going to give it a try, filling in the empty floor that I looked at last year.
  • In 2012, I can only wonder if we’ll have outgrown each others’ needs; meanwhile, we’re headed back to Alameda, and the wineries and foodies are happily signing up for 2011.

In some regards, it’s a large event… about 800 people under one roof with 40 wineries and 30 foodies, if you compare it to a wedding reception, lets say.

Then again, when you think of wine events that host 8,000 people, we’re much smaller. I guess this is a medium-sized event, and one that I don’t ever see being really large… People love the intimacy, so we’ve also limited ticket sales to what feels manageable.

The wineries pouring are the true, the proud, and the passionate among the Petite producers. And I’m delighted daily with the joy I have working with so many wonderful people behind so many amazing brands.

Before very long the list of foodies and wineries will be complete, as the members continue to meet the registration deadline. BTW – Only PSILY members can pour at this one, and is also an attraction for new members to sign up.

  • Larry  Schaffer of Tercero Wines has just become a new member, saying that he wished he had done it last year. He’s now carrying the banner for Santa Barbara County. The people who’ve attended each Dark & Delicious event have a real treat in store for themselves with Larry’s wine this year… A new flavor from a new region, filled with artisan passion.
  • JRE Wines is another new addition. John Robert Eppler handcrafts wines in Sonoma, and like Larry’s wines, this is another artisan winery that has joined Kent Rosenblum’s merry band of vintners at Rock Wall Wine Company.
  • Coral Brown of Brown Estate Vineyard, has also joined our merry band of Petite lovers. She told me that she’s just taste a barrel sample of Petite Sirah, and it was so delicious. Having this winery join PSILY is delicious enough for me.

So… to date… work behind the scenes for the last month, the details as they currently exist….


  1. Angela’s Bistro
  2. Asena Restaurant
  3. Blue Heron Catering
  4. Chef Adair
  5. Fiscalini Cheese
  6. Fume Bistro
  7. Great American Barbeque
  8. Mary’s Pizza Shack
  9. Montibella Sausage
  10. Savoy Events
  11. Sweet Things
  12. The Hobnob
  13. Tomatina
  14. Venga Paella


  1. Artezin Wines
  2. Aver Family Vineyards
  3. Ballentine Vineyards
  4. Berryessa Gap Vineyards
  5. Bogle Winery
  6. Brown Estate
  7. Clayhouse Wines
  8. Concannon Vineyard
  9. Diamond Ridge
  10. Don & Sons
  11. EOS Estate Winery
  12. Estrella Creek Wines
  13. F. Teldeschi Winery
  14. Foppiano Vineyards
  15. Guenoc
  16. Gustafson Family Vineyards
  17. Harney Lane
  18. JRE Wines
  19. Mettler Family Vineyards
  20. Michael~David
  21. Miro Cellars
  22. Mounts Family Winery
  23. R&B Cellars
  24. Robert Biale Vineyard
  25. Rock Wall Wine Company
  26. Rutherford Grove
  27. Silkwood Wines
  28. Tercero Wines
  29. Trentadue Winery
  30. Tres Sabores
  31. Twisted Oak
  32. Vina Robles
  33. Wilson Vineyards

Tickets will be going on sale for consumers at the end of November, and will be $60 again this year.

Where can you wine and dine for three hours, free parking, no gratuity for $60 on a Friday night? Dark & Delicious, that’s where… Rock Wall Wine Company, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday, February 18, 2011.

See you then and there!

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