Who can forget the partying at Rosenblum Cellar, back in the day?

Alas… Kent sold his company, and we all thought those parties were over when that happened. But, you can’t keep a great man down, and he’s at it again.

When he told me what he was going to be doing, once Rosenblum was sold, I knew he was onto something HOT! It was just going to take some time to create, but I knew he’d rise again… And, it’s in a much more clever style. He’s leasing great big, former airplane hangers, where the Air Force used to paint their planes.

He’s filled in the space in a very innovative way, as he and his family overlook the San Francisco skyline from their open doors. [Borrowed this image from their Website.]

Kent’s always cooperatively worked with others, so why not create a cooperative, of sorts. And, that’s what he’s done. Under his roof, he and his daughter Shauna (what a great opportunity for her) house the following wineries:

If you want to have your own company, why not hook yourself to his star, because – as I wrote in yesterday’s blog – this man’s got the Midas touch.

Now, he’s ready for his first event, and anyone who knew Kent while he owned Rosenblum Cellars, knows that this is going to be some HOT party!

Harvest Rocks!
This coming Saturday,
November 13, 2010
3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

You’ll be able to taste through the entire Rock Wall wine portfolio

Enjoy ribs, brisket and chicken by master of the Texas BBQ, Big Ray “the Armadillo” Green, straight from Euless, TX.

Symposiums, blind wine tasting competition (prizes), wine sensory bar, get involved in harvest, wine and food pairing, music, tours, barrels samples, free parking… the list goes on, but you get the point.

Did I say this man knows how to throw a party? For all you Kent Rosenblum fans, you won’t miss this one if you can help it, I know. The man is back!

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