When I ask the members of PS I Love You for anything… I mean anything… they respond in huge ways. In such a huge way, actually, that the tasting I wanted to do in one sitting needed to be broken up into two parts. In my right mind, I couldn’t open up all 30 bottles in one night, for only a few people to taste. (This image is only half of what was received. Part 2 to follow.)

The wine brands within PSILY have an excellent comprehension of the strength of a group being so much more powerful than any single individual trying to accomplish anything on his or her own. Imagine the Boston Marathon with only one runner, and you get the point.

This is Part 1

Sue Straight of Wine-Wench.com and I talked about getting her caught up in what the members of PS I Love You are currently doing with their Petites, so I put the word out to members that we were going to be tastings Petites. Each of us would be using the tasting for writing purposes, and could they each send a bottle to me, if they’d like to be included.

Now I know what it’s like when I have a call for samples for different wine writing relationships that I have. Always I hear back a big, “Wow!” Now, I’m on the receiving end of that “Wow!”

It’s a Petite group, but everything is done in a huge way. You’d think that eight years later I’d get over it, but I can’t. I think it’s the name of the group… There’s a lotta love going around among the members.

So, once the wines received went over the 20 mark, I knew that this tasting was going to take a lot of mental energy, and having others learn about PS should also be part of this.

I have a favorite hangout… Chinois Asian Bistro.

From our tasting:

Here’s the list of Petite Sirahs to be tasted, with their suggested retail prices:

Petite Sirahs from $7.00 – $20.00

  1. 2007 AQUINAS, (Don Sebastiani & Sons) Napa Valley ~ $15.00
    1. Nose of blueberries, earth/flint, blackberries ~ Palate flavors followed the nose ~ Finish had good tannic structure
  2. 2008 BOGLE, California ~ $11.00
    • Nose of blueberries and strawberries ~ Palate was lush and full, it just wrapped around my mouth ~ An excellent value for the price
  3. 2007 CONCANNON Conservancy, Livermore Valley ~ $15.00
    • Nose of Cassis and blackberries ~ Plate was also filled with black fruit ~ This is a big wine that still needs a bit of age for my palate; but if you like tannins, it delivers
  4. 2007 EOS, Paso Robles ~ $18.00
    • Nose of cherries and blueberries ~ Palate reminded me of Pretty in Purple ~ For the finish I wrote, “Love the black fruit”
  5. 2008 GUENOC, Lake County ~ $17.00
    • Nose of blackberries and a touch of toast ~ Palate delivered blueberries, strawberries, star fruit ~ Finish had delightful strawberries
  6. 2009 LINE 39, North Coast ~ $10.00
    • Blackberries and black olives in the nose ~ Blackberries continued on the palate, rich and dry ~ the finish left me wanting more
  7. 2008 LINE SHACK, Monterey ~ $15.00
    • Nose reminded me of blueberry pie ~ palate was also very yummy and had me wondering where the ice cream was so I could complete my blueberry pie experience, because it was so juicy good ~ Finish had me enjoying pomegranate notes
  8. 2008 MICHAEL~DAVID, Petite Petit, Lodi ~ $15.00
    • This one is a blend of Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot, so it was a bit different than the others in that regard. The nose had jammy, black olives, and a touch of toast ~ Palate was plummy and full ~ The finish had me wanting to find the nearest BBQ
  9. 2008 MICHAEL~DAVID Earthquake, Lodi ~ $20.00
    • The nose on this one had me wanting to jump right in… Lodi fruit that does that to me; although, I didn’t recognize it as Lodi (Note to self: to think this way in the future in blind tastings.)
  10. 2007 NOVELLA Fine Wines, Paso Robles ~ $7.00
    • CRAZY MIX UP with this one… This one went into box 2, for the next tasting, and Parducci’s True Grit made it into this one.
  11. 2007 PARDUCCI – True Grit, Mendocino ~ $30.00
    • This one was either at a disadvantage or an advantage, because the price point was well over the limit. It delivered, however, because it always does. To see the amazing image of this one, visit Sondra Barrett’s microscopic views. True Grit has a gorgeous fingerprint.
  12. 2007 OAKSTONE Estate Reserve, Fair Play ~ $20.00
    • Pretty nose of plums, blueberries and strawberries (yes, there is a repetitive theme of flavors in all of these wines) ~ Palate was black and blue fruit ~ Easy finish. This is a wine to enjoy now. Would be great for Thanksgiving and wild game.
  13. 2007 PARDUCCI, Mendocino County  ~ $11.00
    • Nose had plenty of black fruit ~ Palate was in great balance (we noticed it was a bit corked, but I was still able to taste what the wine had to offer), and it’s always a great value.
  14. 2007 PEDRONCELLI, Dry Creek Valley ~ $11.00
    • Nose was rich, full, lush blackberries ~ Palate followed through with also a touch of black olives ~ I enjoyed a touch of boysenberries on the finish
  15. 2008 ROCK WALL WINE CO., Mendocino County ~ $20.00
    • Black juicy fruit, isn’t that what Kent Rosenblum ~ and now his daughter Shauna ~ always delivers? Lost of black fruit and boysenberries on the finish.
  16. 2008 SMOKING LOON, (Don Sebastiani & Sons) California ~ $8.00
    • The nose was yummy, plummy ~ The flavors were black, black, black fruit… Dense and flavorful ~ The finish had a solid tannin structure, so I’d wait a bit longer to enjoy this one, or I’d have it with a beef dish that had a bit of natural fat to it, like a juicy hamburger or a pot roast.
  17. 2009 THE CRUSHER, (Don Sebastiani & Sons) Clarksburg ~ $13.00
    • Nose was blackberry pie begging for whipped cream ~ A medium bodied Petite, the flavors were more blueberry and strawberries. This one I’d pull out my fryolator and throw in some Tex-Mex wontons (Wonton wraps are great for this one)

Next… PART TWO ~ Petite Sirahs from $21.00 – $60.00

  1. 2007 ARTEZIN, Mendocino County ~ $25.00
  2. 2007 CLAYHOUSE Estate, Paso Robles ~ $25.00
  3. 2007 CLAYHOUSE Estate, Show Pony, Paso Robles ~ $40.00
  4. 2008 EOS Reserve, Paso Robles ~ $25.00
  5. 2005 EOS Cupa Grandis Grand Reserve, Paso Robles ~ $60.00
  6. 2007 FIELD STONE, Stanton Family Reserve, Alexander Valley ~ $35.00
  7. 2007 HARNEY LANE, Lodi ~ $24.00
  8. 2006 LANGTRY Estate, Guenoc Valley ~ $40.00
  9. 2007 TRES SABORES, Napa Valley ~ $35.00
  10. 2007 NOVELLA Fine Wines, Paso Robles ~ $7.00
  11. 2007 TWISTED OAK, Calaveras County ~ $24.00
  12. 2007 LAVA CAP Reserve, El Dorado ~ $30.00
  13. 2005 METTLER, Lodi ~ $25.00
  14. 2008 STANTON Vineyards, St. Helena, Napa Valley ~ $45.00
  1. 2007 NOVELLA Fine Wines, Paso Robles ~ $7.00
    • CRAZY MIX UP with this one… This one went into box 2, for the this tasting, so it will be tasted first, very thoughtfully.

Stay tuned for more details…

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