If you don’t use your right to vote next Tuesday, you shouldn’t use your right to complain. Just blame yourself, because you could have made a difference… you and all the other indifferences add up to make a difference.

That’s what I learned a long time ago.

I also learned in the 60s to follow transcendental meditation, versus dabbling in satanic rituals, when they were presented to me as something I might like to “check out.” That came from my brother’s girl friend. She was quickly replaced by everyone in my family as being too extreme on the negative side for us. Peter is much better off for that advice of, “Lose her.”

Speaking of sides, did you ever read J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and get the symbolism behind Gandalf The Gray? The ring of power had been forged to create evil in the world, and whomever owned it – be it either black or white power – could be overwhelmed by it and then destroy all the good in Middle Earth.

It was during those times that I decided to remain gray in my thinking, as I meditated to have better control over my life and the emotions of living. I’ve been referred to as “nice” my entire life. I just think that I’m fair, most of the time, and that’s interpreted as “nice.”

So, now we approach the day of extremes, with the Republicans exposing their conservative ethos, the Democrats demonstrating their progressive views, and the Tea Party just being  (Ti)tannic.

Out pops a wine brand, born from the convivial jousting of two professionals, one a doctor in Pennsylvania and the other a wholesaler in San Francisco. They’ve come together in their passion for wine, and created a brand. However, not being able to come together on an single minded label, they’ve split their design. Same wine in each bottle, just a different label, leaving you to “vote” for your choice.

What a great social experiment… Which one will sell the most?

I’m honestly thinking the Progressive label. Why, because one of my sources in the Pentagon (being honest here) told me once that when the Democrats are in office, the wine flows freely. When the Republicans are in office, the taps close. He’s a wine writer (besides his government assignment), so he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s trustworthy.

From proprietor Pedro Aguilar, M.D and his partner Greg Martellotto (Martellotto Wine Productions):

The labels themselves will be unique in that both are parallelograms, one leaning to the right, the other to the left. If you buy the Conservative Red (red label), a portion of your purchase goes to conservative leaning organizations. If you, in turn, buy Progressive Red (blue label), portions of you purchase goes to progressive organizations. We’re developing a web site that allows us to track which side is contributing more. As upcoming midterm, and more importantly presidential elections approach, I think people will enjoy buying a bottle of wine while supporting their beliefs. I also think that the wine label will market itself if we can get it into the public eye. The web site will serve as a public straw poll and will support the phrase which will be on the bottle “Let the People Decide”. I thought two high school friends on political polar opposites deciding to launch a political wine would be an interesting story to tell.

How’s the wine?

Color is medium garnet… Not too big, and not too light. Reminds me of a Pinot.

Alcohol 14.5%… Made to drink and not age.

Nose: Bing cherries, a big of saddle leather, light cassis.

Palate: The palate follows the nose. A bit hot on the back end, and that’s part of the 14.5% alcohol, but could be managed well with creamy cheeses and beef dishes.

Finish: lingered a bit. Not a powerhouse. I don’t believe it was meant to be. Just an easy enjoyable wine for those hot political debates.

For $25, it’s worth the debate.

That’s my take…

Now, it’s up to you… You, the people, need to decide… And vote via mail or in person. I mailed my ballot in a week ago. I’ve decided… I like them both, because it’s the same wine, and I’m remaining gray.

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